Sunday, May 27, 2012




TO MY GRANDSON, TABAN, TO READ SOMEDAY.... Your daddy loved you with his heart, he wouldn't have left you by choice. You can be sure all your life you were loved by him. You will see in the photos at the pride and love on his face when you were born. He would laugh when he'd call me up from the road... he would say 'Mama, do you want to know what grandson has done (or said)?' I would smile knowing he was going to tell me something funny. You have such a outgoing, happy personality. I loved watching you, playing with you when Tommy was here... when he left, it all changed. Life happens like this... but, one day I hope to hear your voice calling to me again... 'Granny Gee, Granny Gee'! Your daddy picked that name for me, for you to call his mother... it is a special name... I honor that name as I write. How precious you are, my grandson. I love you with my heart. Love, Granny Gee :)))


TO MY GRANDDAUGHTER, MCKENZIE TO READ SOMEDAY... Your daddy loved you with his heart, he fought for the right to see you, spending lots of money. No matter which way he turned, obstacles were placed in his path. You can also, see in the photos how your daddy smiled down at you with pride and such love when you were born. Every week he sent money to support you ($100.00 faithfully) when no one told him to ... all those years. He kept health/medical insurance on you all those years, too. Yes, McKenzie, your daddy loved you very much. I love you very much, too. I'll never forget the day we walked on the road ... I loved talking to you, hearing your voice. We had been painting in my art room... you painted a picture for me. I had hoped so much to have a wonderful granddaughter/grandmother relationship with you. I'm so sorry it never happened. Life happens that way... I know how I grew up. It can be so sad.. yet, so wonderful, beautiful. I love you, McKenzie. Love, Granny Gee :)))


TO BOTH OF MY GRANDCHILDREN: I love you both more than you'll ever know. I won't interfere in your lives now, to cause extra grief, anger or hate. I don't live like that, I live a very quiet life. That doesn't mean I don't love you... when you grow up you will see that your grandmother respected and cared enough not to cause turmoil in your lives. I will love you from afar... I've grown up loving like that... now 'I see why'. It was to get me used to losing everyone who meant the world to me in my life. It still hurts .... You both look so much like your handsome daddy, you both have that wonderful, sunshine smile of his... you both have that wonderful sense of humour he had... your personalities are as endearing as his. I love you both with my grandmother heart. You will know one day when you read your grandmother's colors of her life. You both are somebody to me... you are part of my son... part of me. Love, Granny Gee :)))

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  1. Perhaps your grandchildren will read your blogs and allow your grandchildren to visit you like grandchildren should do. This is what I pray for you with them. They need to know their grandmother and Pa Skip. I don't know why people would want to break hearts when hearts have so much love to give. Love, Ms. Nancy