Monday, May 21, 2012




As I look out 'my windows' I see and appreciate the trees, the sky

I sit here , I'm very old and have been here as long as I

Can remember... I am very tall, imposing... a shadow of myself, you see

Though knowing this, just know my feelings are young, I'm still me

I could be a house... or a person.... a little attention can make me shine

with lights or a bright smile that's all.... mine!

Remember when you look at an old house... and 'old' person now

They look like that on the outside, inside they are the same, I'll tell you how

As a house, a person becomes older they begin to realize they think the same

They are more mature in looks, thoughts...just more tame

When young and free-spirited, one can be wild, and daring

As they become older, they become mature and very caring

I look out my windows with my old, aging faded out eyes

I still think young and I'm still free-spirited, though I'm old and wise

So, when you look at me.. know that I'm 'more than' the old house/person you see

Remember... inside is where it counts... I'm still me!

I feel so happy and free, so surprised when I see my faded glory

A shadow of myself, unnoticed..boring... who would believe I have quite a story

So, when you look at me, a house or person... only if you take time

will you see the old sparkle and shine... that's all mine!

1 comment:

  1. Although we are old and most of the time we still shine, I am so glad we have this time! Hey, I made a ryhme! Every time I see you there is always shine and sparkle in your eyes! I have never seen you when you didn't smile. No matter what kind of pain you are in, you always smile. I probably wouldn't recognize you if you didn't smile. Love, Ms. Nancy