Wednesday, May 9, 2012




Sometimes... we take things for granted and think they are forever

We can't fathom that things, people we love could possibly go away

Not us, not ours... no, they'll always be here for us, they are our life

We have no idea how fragile life is, no matter how strong or big we are

Even the biggest of the biggest, strongest person there is in this world

Their life is as fragile as the smallest, weakest person there is

Everyone, everything has a weakness, moreso... if there is an illness

Moreso, when no one knows how sick they are, when they are 'well'

Why can't the closest people who love them, sense when things aren't well

Anger, hate makes people cruel, clouding their eyes, hardening their hearts

They scream, they curse, they yell, thinking no one will ever know how they

Treated someone else's loved ones... never knowing that they do... know

Sometimes... people try to destroy others out of jealousy, knock them down

To their level where they wallow in filth, dirt... they do this in secret

So no one else will know, to hurt someone else's loved ones and never hear

Their cries of something bad is wrong with me, help me, I'm sick

No, they don't hear because of their hardened hearts, their blinded eyes

Of anger, hate, the need to be powerful and all-knowing, wanting to make

Someone else's loved ones feel small and.. less than because they feel small

In their minds they know they aren't good enough for someone's loved ones

They aren't good enough because they are crude, uncaring but, manage to

Fool everyone with a soft voice, a sweet smile and a I'm sorry ever so often

There are people like this everywhere, sometimes we hate them when we

Love them, they who let someone's special loved ones die without caring

Sometimes... a person thinks about things such as this, things that need to be

Forgotten, but.. thoughts come back ever so often to haunt, to hurt, to anger

One has to push them back, push them back... sometimes, it's hard to let go

Sometimes when one looks back, they have to turn their head forward

To go forward, toward the light, the good things in life ... live until you die

Sometimes... one has to do this, work hard to get anger, hurt, pain out of

Their heart in order to live in a positive way, a happy way, strive for peace

Of mind, calmness in life but, sometimes... life can be sad

Sometimes... we remember when we don't want to remember, it hurts

So bad. Sometimes we feel hate, anger when we don't want to feel that way

I know ... because I feel that way.... sometimes. I don't like to harbor such

Negative feelings inside... they hurt and make one sick... sometimes

Sometimes... thinking bad thoughts make a person feel dirty, unhappy

A good person inside... will begin instantly to act, think, see postively

Go forward... don't look back. Everything is going to be all right even

Though ...sometimes.. we get lost for a little while in our minds...sometimes

Sometimes... I do think like this, now... it's time to go forward, see the the

Good things in life, be happy and know it's up to me to pull myself back up

From feeling these emotions I, and others feel from things that happen

It feels good to feel good, I'm going to now though I feel sad... sometimes

I'll put these thoughts back up in the dark corners of my mind, some of the

Power to hurt or anger me has gone... each time the pain, anger lessens

When I take them out to think about... no, these aren't my favorite thoughts

I love happy colors, sunshine... yes, I feel them brightening me up inside

The lid has been put back on that box of unhappy thoughts, I mentally pack

Them away while turning on the sunshine in my mind, how happy, bright I

Am inside now. I feel the light reflect from inside me, reflecting sunlight

Filled with love, kindness, goodness through my eyes... I love this ...

I am filled with happiness, light and sunshine now... everything is going to

Be all right though ...sometimes... I might feel sad again... I will just pull me

Back up to the light, think good things... fill my mind like filling a glass

With clear water... so, I can see my way as I travel my path in life.



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  1. I wish we could just put all the bad thoughts/dark thoughts into a dark bucket and toss it out! I would love for us to have bright sun shiny days full of "happy colors' all the time! Maybe if we think positive---then all the good things and good times will take over and bring us all joy! Love, Ms. Nancy