Friday, May 11, 2012




Soon... Mother's Day will be here

Most mothers will have their children near

To celebrate this special day

What about mothers whose children have gone away?

I don't think Mother's Day means me anymore

My son walked into heaven from Myrtle Beach seashore

I don't have a child now, he left that day

He'll never come back, he's gone away

Soon... Mother's Day will be here

I won't have my child while yours are near

But, my heart is happy for you

Because I remember how happy my son made me... too

In my mind, all mothers are in my prayers and heart

Praying for your children to be safe, never depart

From this world before their parents do

It's not meant for them ... to

Soon... Mother's Day will be here

Just know that I wish you happiness and cheer

For mothers without their children, know that I care

I feel your pain, I'm more than aware

Of how it feels, why you cry

We'll be all right as long as we try

To go forward in life and do good

Do all the things we know we should

Soon... Mother's Day will be here

I wish happy colors, sunshine to all you hold dear

I have my precious memories of my son

My child, my only one

Happy Mother's Day to you all, far away and near

Soon... Mother's Day will be here

Happy Mother's Day... it will soon be here

To you all, be you far away or... near

I am sad that Tommy isn't here with us

This is the second Mother's Day he's not, get through it we must

Sh-hhhh... I may cry alot of tears, but... it's going to be alright

It is love that hurts my heart... but, 'maybe Tommy is there'...

just out of sight....


Happy Mother's Day to all of you

From your children, your sons... and 'Gloria/Granny Gee'... too

My son went to heaven the 29th of May

He missed seeing me 2011... now 2012... on Mother's Day

It's been two years........ Mother's Day will soon be .. here

Soon your children, sons will be near

Happy Mother's Day to you

From Granny Gee, too...

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  1. Mother's Day can be sad for many mothers that have lost a child. Sometimes it is their only child. My heart goes out to the mothers that no longer have children. May God bless each and everyone of you! Love, Ms. Nancy