Tuesday, May 22, 2012



This beautiful painting was painted recently by my cousin in Oregon, Linda Ivie.  I love all of her paintings but... this one stands out to me.  I wanted to put it on my blog... it makes me so happy to look at it.

This is what Linda said she felt while she painted it....... these are her words: 

"I want you to post that I felt great energy and calmness as I
continued to paint. I was so relaxed when I was done, I felt like all was right with everything and it makes me grateful that our god, Jehovah was looking down on me with great approval. The swan is a beautiful and majestic creature, I could smell the sweetness of the air when I was painting him".
Today Linda called me and we talked 'art'... I was feeling very sad and her call made all the difference in the way I've felt the rest of the day.  Linda called me on my cellphone... that made all the difference, also.  The house phone ... that phone........ that's the phone that changed my life when a stranger called me to say ... 'ma am, I have a man collapsed here on the beach, he's not breathing'.....
One day I will change that phone ... now, that I've realized 'why' I won't go to it when it rings... I will put that phone up... I won't throw it away because... on 'that phone' is also, the phone Tommy called me on just a short time before the stranger called me... just a short time ... before he died... not even an hour.
I've been so sad this week, today I've cried off and on ... I listened to myself ... I heard myself cry.  I'm glad Skip wasn't here today to see, hear.  It would have upset him greatly.  I haven't told him, he'll get so sad if I do. 
There's just something so special about Linda's swan painting... I look at it while I type... it touches something in me... I love this painting and guess what?  She is going to paint me a swan!  Today we told each other we'll each paint a picture for the other.  I know what I'm going to paint for her... I'm going to wait to tell.....  :)))
Don't you think her swan is a beautiful picture?  The colors are soft, special....  the colors stand out to me.  I've shared so much sadness lately ... I wanted to share her painting with you all... there's nothing sad about it... it's just ... special.
I will say goodnight now.  Goodnight my readers... you all mean the world to me.  I'm very thankful I have you all to come to ... to share my thoughts with.  Love, Granny Gee  :)))

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  1. That swan is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors. They say a lot. I needed this to get my day started in a beautiful way! Love, Ms. Nancy