Tuesday, May 15, 2012




That day he walked on the sand under the sky of blue, fluffy clouds all above

He walked, ran with a little blonde-headed boy he dearly loved

He looked forward to spending this time with his little boy, his precious son who

Gave him such pride and joy

He made it just in time to run, squeal, and play

He laughed, he told Taban to put his toes in the water Before he went away that day

He said he was looking forward to playing with Taban

Running, walking, squealing, playing

in the sand

He had no idea that he had to leave that day

he almost didn't go, I believe he 'knew', that's why he

changed his mind to go, he 'knew' he was going away

He barely made it in time to play with his little boy

They were watched by a group of people who watched the

big guy with joy

How special to see such a sight, a gentle giant and a little

boy before the big guy left that day in a soft, white light

A father, a son, a husband went away

when he walked into that light.... when he left... that day

That day he played the first, last time at the ocean

he almost missed it, but.. made it in time to

go into the light, to go within

But, first he had something he said he had to do, he had to play

with his precious little son before... he could leave that day

He never meant to leave the pain, grief behind him when he left

He always thought of everyone, not just himself

The day before when he said goodbye

he never knew it was the last time, and that it would make me cry

He never knew it would send me to the dark world

where all the ugliest of colors

turn and swirl

Where his mother almost had to stay

because she couldn't cope with the knowledge that

her son... left that day

Gloria, Baby Girl... please come back I heard Skip say

Pups licking my hand, made me... come back that day

Everything is going to be alright

there's sunshine on my path, now, I can see the light

Tommy, I miss you with my very heart

Skip and I never knew we'd all be apart

That evening when you called me to say,

We are here safely, Mom, I love you

Thank-God you called me before you went away...

that day

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  1. That was a very nice poem! I know you are still heart broken---anyone would be. I do think Tommy is with the Lord. He allowed Tommy to play on the beach with Taban before he called him home. That was the one thing that Tommy wanted to do and God blessed him with that wish. Love, Ms. Nancy