Thursday, May 3, 2012




A flower in your memory

what kind of flower can I get

A marigold to remember your bright smile

A rose to remember my son's love?

I miss you, son... with my very heart

I've come a long ways now, I've come back

I've been in a dark world looking for you

I never found you, I've accepted that I never will.

Now.. I have only your photos, and several things

in the special upholstered chest where I keep them all

I can't open that chest up very far

I begin to feel sick, weak... afraid.

It's not time yet, to hold, touch and feel your things

I wonder if I would get a whiff of my son's scent

Like cologne to make me know it's 'Tommy'

Maybe air-freshner like you used in your truck.

I begin to feel panic thinking about taking one, two....

maybe ... I had better not take anything out just yet

I feel I would go to a dark corner in my mind

Strange... I thought all the darkness was gone on my path.

I'm looking at my path... I'm looking back from where I've come

I see that if I turn around to go back to see

that there is going to be some darkness the sun couldn't make bright

I think because though I love you, son... there's always going to be some darkness... that I call ... sadness.

Sadness... isn't all bad, it could be if I didn't allow light to come in

I welcome the bright sunshine in my heart, on my path

Yes, that 'darkness' that's still there... is sadness

It's okay... because any mother would have that in her heart... always.

Flowers... I wonder which flower is a 'Tommy' flower? I wonder if any of my readers have a flower come to mind when they read this. My special readers, friends, family members can 'see' where I can't.... I wonder 'what flower do you see' from reading, and knowing me... Tommy, through my words? Would you want to tell me?

Would you suggest a 'Tommy Flower' to me? I would love to know what you think? :)))


  1. I think "one" perfect rose would be great for Tommy! I remember when I was a freshman in high school that our English teacher told us that "one" perfect rose was the symbol of love. Tommy was a very loving person and I think that the "one" perfect rose would be "perfect" for him. What do you think? Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. Nancy, that was beautiful... I may get a rose and a marigold... love and sunshine!

  3. I don't know why but I would say a cornflower. The beautiful blue reminding me of a beautiful day, and Tommy's amazing eyes. Plus the fact that you can keep them such a long time.
    Love Nannie Gee ♥