Sunday, June 10, 2012




Well........ today I went 'and done it'.  I had my head shaved and what little hair I had left... I had the beautician color it pink!!!!!

Granny Gee has a head of short pink hair
she's got her groove on, she's going to walk on the 'wild' side
Granny Gee is going to live without a care
she's going to get a corvette, and take a wild ride
Can't you see her now, Skip'll be sitting by her side
He might be grinning while getting a wild ride
Ya-hoo!  Let's ride Skip, let's go
Granny Gee is the driver, you know
I see your expression, your mouth says 'oh no'!
I say to Skip 'I am a safe driver'!  so...
Let's go, Skip, let's go!
Granny Gee's got her groove on, she with her short pink hair
Living and riding... without a care
Can't you see her in her red corvette
Skip wants the steering wheel.. she won't let
that steering wheel out of her hands
It's her wild ride, no matter his demands
Give me that steering wheel, Granny Gee
You are going to wreck us, can't you see?
Give me that steering wheel, Granny Gee
Oh, my pants are wet, this wild ride has made me........

Well............. what can I say?  The truth is that I don't have short pink hair.... I don't have a corvette... Skip isn't going to let me take him on a wild ride at all!

This is the funny, happy and colorful mood I am in on this day... I have been to the beauty shop... and finally for the first time in 2 years... I've had my hair colored...... back to a soft blonde.  I've always kept my hair blonde until... two years ago.

It has made me feel happy inside... I enjoyed standing in front of the mirror 'fixing' it... putting on make-up.  I 'saw me' again in that mirror!  I saw a twinkle in my eyes... that matched the happy color on my hair.

I told Skip that 'Granny Gee has her groove on'... that would be what I would write about.  Not only that... remember when I told you my colors were fading...... ?

I, now, have a new shower curtain that is soft happy colors of lavender, white, pink, yellow, green, orange..... hundreds of colorful butterflies are on it... some are solid colors, some have colored polka dots and other designs.  My colors ... are back!

I have a happy-colored head, and a happy-colored shower curtain... what else could anyone want?  :)))

This is a silly, happy story... some of my colors, you know!  Granny Gee has her groove on!  :)))


  1. I was beginning to worry about you when I read you had shaved your head! Thank goodness you told us that you didn't. The Corvette would have been OK if that is the kind of vehicle you would want. Oh I could just see you and Skip in that Corvetter now! A beautiful site! I am so glad you have "happy cololrs" today! I like that kind of writing. Keep up the good work! Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. Ms Nancy, you know I love my own hair too much to have it shaved off, colored pink! I gave you quite a start, didn't I? I don't even like corvettes... I love more the quiet, elegant cars than sports cars. That was 'how I felt' when I came home with my hair looking so 'normal' again. I haven't seen 'me' look like that in ages... it really feels good. It made me very happy! I got up this morning, forgot how pretty my hair was until... I looked into the mirror... guess who smiled at 'me'? Yes, 'Me'!!! I wonder 'now'... with all I've been experiencing ... how bad have I been looking 'to the world when I've been out'? That's okay... I'm very aware now, it makes me happy to have taken this step. Love you, Ms Nancy! Love, Granny Gee/Gloria :)))))