Monday, June 25, 2012




The lightening was furious, the wind was whipping the trees, rain was blinding us as we drove along on the interstate.  We were looking for the campground we wanted to stay at for several days in Tennessee.

It was getting late, we wanted to have our travel trailer parked.  We wanted to be in it.  We were so tired from driving many hours, the storm made it worst.

We reached our destination, Skip jumped out to set up the travel trailer.  I helped by holding the umbrella over him... we both still got drenched.  The storm was really bad.

That night we slept sound for a few hours until we heard the loud crack of lightening close by.  We jumped up alarmed... I got up to look out the windows never expecting to see anything but, rain.

Oh my God!  Skip!  I began panicking, Skip got up quickly as he realized something was wrong.  I pointed out the window.

It was flooding where we were at... picnic tables were floating in the water!  Water had gotten up to the top of some of the little buildings in the park.... water.... was almost to our travel trailer!

Skip went into action, he got dressed.  I grabbed the umbrella, followed him outside.  The wind, rain was still whipping making ripples in the water that would soon engulf us if we didn't get out of there!  No one warned us!

The lightening was so violent, sharp as it felt at any moment we'd be struck by it.  I was very afraid for Skip as he began unhooking the hoses, then....connecting the travel trailer back to our truck.

Finally, we were inside the truck ready to go .... the water was touching our tires by that time.  Skip drove easy through the water and by the time we got out of that park, I was weak from relief... pure relief.

I couldn't believe my eyes ... it was surreal... trashcans, and picnic tables were floating on top of the water..  If we hadn't been woke up by the sharp lightening.... our travel trailer, truck would have floated along with everything else.  No one came to warn us!

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  1. I do not like storms at all!! I am so glad you and Skip got out of there before ya'll floated away. I know that had to be scary! Sometimes storms do come up unexpectally. Someone should have warned you so you could have gotten out sooner and not have been scared so badly. Love, Ms. Nancy