Saturday, June 30, 2012




We were in Vermont, beautiful Vermont.  I loved this state, not only that we were going to a state I always thought I'd want to live in.  Maine...

The curvy roads, beautiful landscape captured my heart.  I was engrossed in trying to 'drink in' everything to fill my memory so, I would never forget seeing all the wonderful things I was seeing.... when....

'Skip, why are they doing that'!  A carload of men had just made Skip swerve sharply to keep the car from hitting us.  They passed us in the process... I thought they were going to go on..... the car swerves like someone almost lost control... are they drinking?

Their car slowed down, making Skip pass them.  I saw Skip frown as he passed them... the car speeded up and was side by side with us, swerving toward us trying to make us go off the highway!  We were going to wreck!

'Why, Skip, why are those men trying to hurt us'!  Skip never said a word while he was trying to control our vehicle.  I was so afraid, I felt as if I'd faint, I was holding my breath.  Why?!!!

Skip has sped up hoping to shake them, for a moment it seemed we would lose them, but no.... they were back along side of us and began trying to hit us, trying to force us off the road to go careening down the side of the mountain!  Why?!!!

Skip had to drive faster in hopes of leaving them behind...  all the while when those men would get along side of us... I would look at their faces trying to see if they were laughing, playing.  Those men meant to do what they were doing... they wanted us to wreck, to either be hurt or die.  Why?!!!

Skip began going at a high speed and it looked as if we were going to get away from them when... oh my God!  Oh my God!  That carload of men began losing control of the car, it began spiraling out of control, hitting the ditch, jumping up in the air, flying toward... oh no!  the car crashed into the tree!

We never knew 'why' those men were trying to run us off the road like that.  I always wondered if maybe it was because we had a out-of-state tag, maybe they did that to 'outsiders' to wreck them.  I know that those men didn't mean for us to go along on our journey safely.  'Why' were we singled out ... what would have happened had we wrecked down the mountainside?  What would have happened... if we pulled over, stopped?

Why would someone out of the blue do such a thing?  It was a beautiful day, we were enjoying our drive, minding our own business.... what made those men do that?

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  1. People are stupid! Young guys are just out to have "their kind of fun". I guess it turned out to be not so fun for them. I think that might be just a young guy thing that they do. Who knows why they were really doing that? Just young guys being stupid! Love, Ms. Nancy