Friday, June 1, 2012




The warm water felt so heavenly, the spray just right

I was showering after sleeping well last night

I was washing my hair when I became aware

There are no bubbles in my hair!

Where did the bubbles go?

I just don't know!


This morning Granny Gee got up from a good night's rest. The first things she did was to feed Kissy and Chadwick, then... turn the coffeepot on.

She ran to the (walked, actually) shower, eager to shower and wash her hair... it's a new day. She looked forward to her wonderful showers every day... bubbles, beautiful white bubbles! So clean .. happy to look at.

Bubbles are like little happy faces that smile back at one. Look at them, you'll see what Granny Gee means! You might find yourself smiling back at one.. maybe... alot of them. :)))

I was washing my hair with my shampoo... I became aware of 'where did the bubbles go'!!!? There's no way I can wash my hair without bubbles!

I massaged my scalp again with my fingers ... feeling for the bubbles ... I didn't feel even one bubble!

I realized that instead of shampoo, I had used conditioner first. I couldn't believe I did that!

I rinsed my hair, put the shampoo on... there are the happy bubbles I was looking for! I found the bubbles, I'm pleased to say.

This helps me to be happy today. I love my showers and bubbles... I would love for a waterfall with a little pool of water to be there, flowers growing everywhere. I have to close my eyes to imagine that, though. :)))

That's alright... as long as I have wonderful water with plenty of bubbles to go along, beautiful scents... I can close my eyes to imagine the rest. You can, too.

It reminds me of a commercial that is current... where the people are sitting in 'beautiful places' while smelling a nice scent... when they open their eyes... they are in horrid places, dumps. See how their imagination 'transported' them to wonderful places... our thoughts make all possible. Scents make all the difference, too!

I can be anywhere in my mind... so, can you. Yes, it's fun to actually be there... too. :))) Happy colors, happy day... I'm glad it's a new day... I can begin ... anew

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  1. I love bubbles too! I also did that once--put conditioner on before the shampoo! I normally double check now to make sure I put on the right thing to get my bubbles! Love, Ms. Nancy