Friday, July 20, 2012

Have Fax Will Travel...

Have Fax Will Travel....

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

This evening at the 'last minute' Skip needed the fax machine.  I couldn't believe I couldn't fax his documents!  I'm used to being able to fax at any time... a fax machine is worth its weight in gold.

I have a problem... I like things to be moved ... I love change ... I love to have things in odd places... I don't have a problem... I love change!  I do create problems for myself some times.  I can't believe I did this ... to myself.

I decided to put the copier/fax/scanner/printer machine in the bedroom... I thought it'd be great to go to bed at night... and be able to look at the machine and see if I had a fax... 

Before that... I put the copier/fax/scanner/printer in the kitchen.  What a wonderful place 'I thought'... to have the machine there.  When we come into the kitchen... it would be easy to spot a fax there.  We could see one even while cooking or eating!  :)))  Soon.... it became time to move it to the living room... where if we were watching tv... we'd be sure not to miss a fax!  

It was fun to have that copier/fax/scanner/printer in the living room... it seemed so convenient there.  That's where it is 'now'... again  ...... it used to be in the bedroom, and in the kitchen 'before'.

I've even had it in my art room where I could easily copy drawings I did... it was really nice to have in there.  I have a problem... I love change... things have to be moved around ... I'm bored easily.

I've been known 'in my day' to move beds... and not tell anyone (you know.... Skip!).  When someone comes to sit down on the bed..... you can imagine what happened... it's not even funny!  :)))  But... I did laugh!  I can't move our bed now... it's too big, heavy..... I might would 'if I could'!  I know I would!  

All of my life... I have moved things... I love change.  I love making things pretty.  I would change the trees around in the yard if I could... I would move the house to another part of the yard, turn it around... only if I could!

I wish I 'could click' things just like when we click a mouse to make things happen on a computer.... I would click 'my world' ... all the time.  I would make wonderful things happen!

Well...  getting back to this evening 'at the last minute'... when Skip needed to fax some documents.  I couldn't fax them for the first time.... we were upset, had to go into town to the print shop to get it done.  Thankfully, we made it before it closed.  That took care of that problem....

I still have a problem... last week I moved the copier/fax/scanner/printer into the living room.... I did a very dumb thing!

When I picked it up to carry it to the living room 'from the bedroom'... I ...forgot... to ... unplug the phone line from the jack!!!

I didn't believe I did that!  I broke the piece that one has to have on the end of the phone line... that connects the phone line to the jack in the wall.  I am going to have to order one... we have looked all week in Staples, Walmart and Radio Shack, and such places for that piece.  No luck!

I can't believe I simply picked up my machine (it's very light) and ... simply thought I could walk off with it!   I just can't believe it!  I just can ...not believe I did that!  I love that copier/fax/scanner/printer!  I wouldn't be trying to move it 'everywhere' so, 'it'll be so convenient'  to use it!  :)))

Tomorrow I will look online on the HP website to find what I need, and order it...  so, we will be back in the 'fax business'!  :)))

Tomorrow is here.... I have ordered a two-line conductor phone cord for my wonderful copier/fax/scanner/printer machine... it should be here any day.  I will be so happy to connect that one little cord to this machine... be in business again!

Will I move it again... well, I may .... after some time goes by... for Skip to forget all about needing it, and the cord was 'broke'!  :)))  After all, I love that machine.  I would carry it with me everywhere I go if I could.  I love the wonderful things it does... it doesn't fit into my handbag... can you tell that I've thought about it?   One never knows when they need to copy, print, scan.... or fax!  :)))

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  1. No I can't believe you did that!! Then again, it sounds like something I would do! I am glad that you could get another part for your machine. In the meantime, if you need to fax something, you are welcome to use mine. Love, Ms. Nancy