Monday, July 2, 2012



NOTE:  This is the email I sent back to _____, who wants to write a short story about me as a grieving mother, about my son, Tommy.  If it's real... it's a good thing... if not... it's still a good thing.


Hi ........................
I am going to always be up front, honest with you if you continue to write.  You deserve that, so that you never misunderstand anything I say... I would appreciate if you will be the same with me.

I added you back because I would like to believe you are being honest about wanting to know the things you ask of me as a 'grieving mother'.

I would like to believe you are very sincere, and don't cause me extra grief that I don't need in my life now.

I would, of course, like everyone else if someone told them that they'd write a story about someone they loved most dearly in their life... to believe in you.

Who wouldn't want their loved one to be written about... when they write themselves to never forget them?  I'm no different from everyone else.

When a nice young man comes along who could very well be one's child, too... and says the things you have... a grieving mother wants to believe in you.

........................, I want to believe in you.  If you are sincere, you mean the world to me.  I will always be friends with you if you are real.

If you aren't sincere... just leave me alone, don't write to me anymore.

Don't cause me more pain, you don't know what I have been through to be able to go on living.  I almost didn't make it, I am only at this late date finally beginning to feel some happiness in life.

Please don't touch my life and... hurt it with promises of writing a story about my son.  I write, I don't need you to write for me.  I am friends with alot of people who write books, they are always emailing me, we are always talking.

There are others who will write for me if I want them to.... my life has alot in it that is interesting... but, I don't share that with anyone.  I will write about it when the time comes.

Only Skip knows what I've been through... and he won't sit back to let me be hurt.  If you want money to finance your writing... we don't have it, we can't help.  We are like everyone else... we are just us, we aren't rich.

I didn't have to write back to you to tell you any of this.  You said something that is very true... I have respect for everyone.

I never reach out to someone's life hurt them.  I am a good person... but... I am very strong, I am not weak.  I'm kind, but... it'd be a mistake to think I'm 'weak'... people who have ever done that find that out.

Another thing, and I will be very honest here.... in the USA, it is known that when anyone who contacts you from Nigeria.... it is a scam.

Some years ago, my husband was being scammed by a person from your country.  We learned from the FBI that this happens quite frequently, we were told not to fall for scams .... that on the internet... people are ruthless, they will do anything for money.

We would go to the FBI here in our country 'if' we thought, felt this was happening.  They would immediately begin to investigate.

If you aren't real, ............, stop writing now.  I have had only good feelings toward you so far... I wouldn't want to know that you weren't what you say you are.  I already cared, and felt good feelings toward you.

If you 'knew me'... you would be just as honored as I was when you first wrote.

If you are telling the truth, sincere in all you say... you won't be offended by all I've written.  If you are offended... simply don't touch my life again... simply don't write me again... leave me alone.  I have suffered enough through my grief... I won't let you hurt me.

You are a stranger... we are taught here not to trust strangers, especially ones on the internet.  If it's too good to be true.... it isn't real.

You asked the question:  "Let me ask you, Gloria do you feel free and at peace communicating with me.

................, I don't know you... how am I supposed to give you a straight 'yes' or 'no'... I don't know if I do ... or if I don't.  I would like to believe you are a good person... at this point in time I feel you are a good person... 'for the moment I am comfortable communicating with you.

You don't have to flatter me with 'pretty words'...  I don't need them.  I am not 'old', neither am I 'young'... I know what I am, I like me, I'm comfortable ...with myself.  I don't have to be told flattering things.

I ask for honesty in any relationship I have in life... as you can see, .................. you ARE going to get honesty from me.  I don't have to tell lies to get what I want in life.

Depending on the 'real person' you are... either my email will warn you not to touch my life anymore if you are dishonest.... or it will let you know that if you ask me something... I'll either tell you... if I want to tell you... I won't tell you if I don't want you to know.

I've been a very private person all my life... I won't 'open myself' up to you, or anyone at this time in my life.... my private life mine.

Like I told you before... I don't see how I can help you at all... you are in another country.  I am 'nobody famous or rich'..... but, always remember this about 'Granny Gee/Gloria'.... I AM SOMEBODY.

If you choose to write back ... let it be because you are very honest, and you aren't afraid to answer the same questions you ask me.... expect such from me.

If you choose not to write back... I wish you well, ..................., in all that you do.

I won't feel bad feelings toward you if you stop at this time reaching out to touch my life... and are dishonest.

Leave me alone now... if you aren't honest and mean every word you write.

Just know that 'every word' I wrote... I mean them... every one of them.

Don't touch my life anymore unless you are
a good person.......

Granny Gee/Gloria

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  1. I certainly hope this person is not a scammer, you do not need someone like that harassing you. I am glad you shared your email with us to make everyone aware there are people in this world who may not be who they say they are.
    Take care... I think you may be feeling uneasy about this person.
    ♥ Mary