Sunday, July 22, 2012

'It'll Be Like It's Supposed To Be'...

'It'll Be Like It's Supposed To Be'...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Well!  Remember how I sabatoged my copier/scanner/printer/fax machine the other day when picking it up, began carrying it with me... ripping the cord out of the wall?

Remember, I had to order one?  Well, order it I did... I ordered a 'two-line conductor' (copper) phone cord... $7.00 plus shipping charges!

Shortly after I ordered it... I heard the phone ring, heard the... happy fax sound!  I 'knew' I couldn't receive a fax, nor could send one.  So.... I didn't go look.

Later in the day I walked into the living room and stood still, mouth wide-open... there sat a fax in the tray!  A fax came through!   I walked over to look closely to be sure I was seeing right... yes, it was a wonderful fax!

Now... how did that happen?  I went to my beloved computer and researched it.  It seems that HP says one needs a two-line conductor (copper wiring) in order to enable the machine to fax..... the tech who wrote the article said he didn't see 'why' one would need to have more than the ordinary phone line to fax...

Unless.... in a 'rare' case.  It seems my case wasn't rare.... our phone line worked perfectly.  That machine is faxing!


When that cord comes tomorrow, instead of 'putting it up' to never be seen again... I will use it.  I will connect it to the wall jack, then ...connect the regular phone line into it.  'It'll be like it is supposed to be'.

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  1. I have never heard of having to have a "two line conductor". I have never used one with my fax machine. Then again--mine is almost as old as I am! Ha! Just follow the directions for your machine and I am sure it will give you wonderful performance! I am glad it is working for you now. Love, Ms. Nancy