Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Portrait Of Me In Words...

"I'm like the wind that blows gently... just don't corner me up in a room, let me blow on my free and gentle way... I just want to go here and yonder... I'm not interested in stopping to hurt anything... I just want to smile and be happy in life... I love peace and harmony and ...quiet." by Gloria Faye Brown Bates   

Gentle Wind, Gentle Breeze

January 16, 2012

I was trying to think of a way to describe myself... of course, I know... there are many ways to describe 'myself'.

Do you ever think of just sitting down to describe 'you'... by painting a portrait of you 'in words'? I was just doing that earlier this morning when I was thinking of how ... 'in words' I could tell a cousin that I've never known... something about me. :)))

The wind came to my mind. The soft and gentle wind... not a forceful, gale-like wind. The wind that cools your skin in humid weather. Or a gentle breeze that touches one's face gently. The wind that makes the treetops sway gracefully ... back and forth, back and forth in rhythm to the music of the birds singing, the little insects humming and buzzing... everywhere.

One might hear in the distance the slam of a door, or a dog barking, a lawn mower cutting grass, a happy squeal from a child playing, and sometimes, a radio playing in someone's yard while they work on something.

I would be like the wind blowing here and blowing there... bringing relief from the heat, a comforting touch, a welcomed breeze to cool the skin.

As the wind blows... which 'would be me, myself'... I would enjoy hearing my favorite sounds in the distance that I just described... life in motion, beautiful life in motion.

I'm the wind who would blow your way, their way... coming to feel, to touch your life only gently and to smile softly... because I love to watch your life in motion and ... you and they... be happy.

I would blow happiness your way, every way, every... where. You would never know I was there, only feel me for a moment or maybe alittle while... never imposing on your life.  I would look over your shoulder and hope that I would see a happy face, if I didn't ..I would blow happiness your way.

I would be the wind that would dry your tears and make you smile... everyone loves the wind, welcomes the wind... especially when the wind and sunshine join hands and ... smiles.

Imagine the wind gently blowing and the sun smiling... doesn't it feel so heavenly to feel both on your face, your skin... your heart.

I am the wind, I wish I could bring happiness to your heart, so I'll gently keep blowing and being everywhere... you'll feel me and know ... I'm there.

I see you smiling...


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  1. You are like a soft warm gently wind. You are welcome to blow my way. No one could ask for a better person to be a friend! You are a kind loving person that cares so much for people and would NEVER hurt anyone. I welcome you as a friend that blows around in the quiet softness of a kind and loving heart. I am so proud to be your friend and am so fortunate that you are my friend. Love, Ms. Nancy