Sunday, July 8, 2012

Setting Animals On Fire..... For Fun!

Setting Animals On Fire For Fun.................

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

I have been listening to CNN.  I just learned something awful that's been happening... people are setting animals, pets on fire ... for fun.

I just looked at a photo where some of 'the worse' was blurred out.  Just what I saw broke my heart, made me physically sick, angry... that someone could be so cruel as to hurt an innocent animal.  Sick, sick... sick.

I may sound cruel when I say this... I don't apologize, I mean every word I say.  I really feel when someone intentionally means to hurt, harm an innocent animal, pet, person... they should get a taste of their medicine.

I can't describe the anguish I felt in my heart seeing the photo of a little dog that had terrible burns over its innocent body.  I realize that we walk shoulder to shoulder with 'bad' people as well as 'good' people.

Lots of times, the 'bad' people 'look like good people'.  I've learned this through all my years of living.  It's a good diguise.  They can get away with lots of 'bad' things.  Who would believe it?

Children, animals, helpless elderly people, homeless people are victims of such cruel people.  What is different about their brains, minds... that they could inflict such pain, grief to another living being?  What makes them different from me... I can't bear to hurt animals or people.  My heart hurts at what I know, have seen... experienced.

This is what has been on my mind... I wanted to share it.  I wonder how many people are aware of this?  I know I sure wasn't... and I thought I kept up with so much on the world news.  This goes on in 'our back yard'....

I can only say that Granny Gee hopes every person experiences exactly how it feels on their bodies, the grief... the pain... the horrendous things they inflict on other living beings.  I don't apologize for thinking like this.  I am a people-lover, animal lover.  Knowing this causes more grief in my heart...

Setting animals on fire ... for fun.  Do you 'feel' what I feel inside when I read those words.......... 'setting animals on fire... for fun'?

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  1. I am posting this comment for Ms Nancy....

    As you know I am not an animal lover. Also I do not like to see animals (or people) hurt. Setting animals on fire for "any" reason is a terrible thing! Any kind of abuse to animals (or people) is totally wrong! I am like you, people that do those terrible things should get a dose of their own medicine! Love, Ms. Nancy