Monday, July 23, 2012

Starbutts versus Starbucks....

Starbutts versus Starbucks...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I love Starbucks... I love to stand, look at the menu deciding on which special flavor I want today.  I love the wonderful aroma in Starbucks... coffee!

There's another place I love to go in, to smell the wonderful aroma of coffee.  That's Dunkin' Donuts... I love Dunkin' Donuts coffee.  The flavor, the smell, the smoothness of that coffee.... so good!  So cosy, so warm, so..... happy!

Just put cream until my coffee is 'light'... no sugar, please.  I don't want sweet coffee though.... strangely enough, for comfort... ever so often I will put some sugar in.  Normally, I don't want it.

Starbucks is a special place to me... I love the one at the Triangle Towne Mall... I like to 'walk by it' before... entering.  I like to just savor every moment of a special time... so, I don't 'just rush in'.

When I walk by it, turn around to come back, I enter slowly... my eyes taking in the specialness of the decor of Starbucks, the colors, the tables, people sitting enjoying their coffees, frappes.

I begin scanning the menu for something 'to pop' out to me... something different, special.  If that doesn't happen, I will choose a regular coffee.  Most of the time though, I will pick something 'so different'... I love new things, 'different' things.

Skip will stick with the traditional, and 'known'... I will most always go for something 'new, unusual, different'.... :)))  It's my way!

I've been thinking of something more special than Starbucks... there's a name for it... 'Starbutts'.

Yes, Starbutts.  It's a nickname I have given something that is so darn cute!  I see it everyday, it makes me smile.  Skip and I will both look at each other and say 'there goes Starbutts'!

It's like a burst of pattern... like a star... colored 'coffee' color.  It's perfectly shaped, when moving it goes 'this way, that way'.  We grin when we pay attention... it seems so cute, so 'spoiled', so .... precious!  The coloring is just... beautiful!

Kissy Fairchild, our 1 1/2 year old Rottie runs up to us to show us the chew/pacifier he has in his mouth.  He loves for us to tease him, pretending we will take it away from him.

One of us will 'try' to take it from his sweet, baby mouth... he'll shake that big head of his to hold onto it.... hold it with the strength even he isn't aware of having.  Oh, that special Kissy Fairchild, he's something else.

At night-time, he has to have his chew... his pacifier.  As long as he has that he will lay down, go into a 'trance' while chewing it.  He can relax and go to sleep.

We can't take it if we forget to buy chews for Kissy... he will pace the floor, the bed looking for his chew/pacifier until he has 'driven us crazy'.  It drives us into saying 'never again will we forget to buy Kissy his chews'!

Kissy Fairchild will walk up to us on the bed... I know he is smiling as he holds that chew/pacifier in his mouth... and wait for one of us to 'try' to pull it from his mouth.  It must make it taste better, he'll turn around to go lay down.....

As he walks to lay down.... what is staring us in the face?  A burst of pattern... like a star... colored 'coffee' color.  It's perfectly shaped, when moving it goes 'this way, that way'.

We call him 'Starbutts'.......  :)))  I love Starbutts .... more than Starbucks because who could ask for more 'specialness' than seeing a burst of pattern... like a star... colored 'coffee' color,  perfectly shaped, when moving it goes 'this way, that way'. No, Starbucks 'doesn't have anything' on Starbutts'!

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  1. I like to smell the different flavors of coffee at the mall too! It is very relaxing to smell something that smells so good! I know that Kissy Fairchild is very special too! He loves his Mama Gloria and Pa Skip! Love, Ms. Nancy