Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Goodbye Elvis...

Goodbye Elvis...

Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

Her mother and stepfather came to pick her up at the bus station
He became her father through time though they were of no relation

She learned how it felt to have a real father in her life
One who loved her mother, the woman he took to be his wife

They took her home with them to give her a safe home
She had no where else to go to, she was all alone

She never forgot all he did for her when he didn't have to
She was always grateful, never forgot to say ..thank-you

As the years went by, her mother died... they drifted apart
She just found out he died, it broke her heart

Today she went to the funeral home to say goodbye
She spent time alone with him, she cried

She touched his cheek with her hand, looked at his face
She felt numb, her head hurt, her heart raced

She felt sad at the twists life took to keep them apart
It seemed no matter how she tried, she always felt pain in her heart

His life began to fill with people, things like he never did
He wanted to date, get remarried even... he said

As she looked down at him lying on that bed
She patted him with her warm hand... touching his cold head

She leaned down to kiss him on his cold, cold head
Then turned to walk away as she said

Thank-you, Elvis, for all you did for me, it's time for me to go
I loved you all this time, I hope you know

Your body lies there in that empty room
As I leave you, inside me grief looms

Goodbye Elvis, I love you
No matter what I always knew you loved me, too

*  Elvis died at 7:45 pm on August 06, 2012

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