Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Goodbye Marie...

Goodbye Marie...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Your spirit soars above us all... looking down
To see who is looking up for you
I look up for you just as your children do
Your grandchildren, nieces, nephews  look up to see

I know you are there, though I don't see 'you'
I feel your presence just as I once did
As a little girl when you used to visit
The air became electric with your energy

I smiled as a child, my aunt
 Marie is here!
I smile now, in memory of you way back ...then
Seeing in my mind a bright, colorful, beautiful woman
Walk into the room, who walked to hug 'me'!

How proud I was that you noticed me!
How happy I was to hear your soft voice,
Your gentle hand that never struck me
How I loved you dearly with my little girl heart, Marie

I would hug you for all it was worth
In hopes that you'd stay, not fly away
To me... you were a beautiful, colorful, bright bird
Don't fly away ... please stay

Many years later, I sit here at my computer
To tell the whole world that this special lady
In my mind... a beautiful, colorful, bright bird
Has flown away... this time she couldn't stay

Soar so high beautiful, bright bird
Fly with the wind, twinkle with the stars
Flash with the lightening, let your tears mix with the rain
As your spirit fills with sunshine, wind beneath your wings

Fly away beautiful, bright bird
Fly away in your happy colors
Free now from pain, suffering
I am sad that you go, I am happy that you have

Go now, leave us all here, it's your turn now
To be released from earth
In a magical form where you can fly
Come visit us from time to time, soar high in the sky

It's time to be free of your earthly form
You no longer need it now
You have a new form that's clear as the air
As bright as the sun, soar now... it's time for 'you'

Goodbye, Marie...


  1. Ms Nancy's comment:

    I can tell you loved your aunt so much!!! I am so glad that you had at least one person that was not mean to you. I think this aunt loved you so much with her very heart as much as you loved her. May God bless her and have mercy on her soul. May God bless you too! Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. When I was little... she loved me. I looked up to her as she was so wonderfully 'colorful'... you know how I love colors... that's what I remember most about her as a child. Thank-you, Ms Nancy. Gloria

  2. My condolences, Granny Gee. This poem is so full of love and faith! May her soul rest in peace. ♥