Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Need Happy Thoughts... Today

I Need Happy Thoughts... Today

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Hey, I've been down to where the catfish play
Come to the surface for pieces of bread
Little-big mouths gulping
Making baby sounds as they eat!

Hey, I just saw a blue dragonfly
land on that blade of green grass
It sat there for several moments
Looking at me!

Hey, what's that sound I just heard
There to the right of where I stand
Right there in those trees
Is a deer looking at me!

I walked down to the pond to watch
The catfish come to the surface
They know when you are coming
It's the bread they are used to getting

The catfish are rushing to the surface
As you peer into the water
They know that they are going to get bread
At that pond, it's always been that way

This has been dragonfly summer this year
Never in my life have I ever been so aware
Of dragonflies of different kinds, many colors
I think of Tommy when I see dragonflies

Deer are abundant in the area we live in
They stand in our yard to eat grass
They walk, run, play in safety here
Knowing we love them, appreciate seeing them

It's a dragonfly summer this year
In all my life I've never seen as many
Dragonflies that fly up to me to look me in the face
I wonder if it's Tommy coming to visit me

I have never been around dragonflies
It seems though, they want to come around me
I wonder if one is Tommy coming
To see me?

When I think about such special thoughts
They push the sad thoughts to the back
Of my mind, trying to make them go away
Sad thoughts like I'm trying to think today

I love the sunshine shining so bright
Today the sunshine is hiding somewhere behind the clouds
Won't you please come out to cheer me up
I need you, sunshine ... to chase the shadows away

Oh yes, look at the dragonflies in my mind
Look at the shiny colors of blue, red, glossy black, green
Dragonflies of many happy colors
Make me smile, think of Tommy

My heart softens at the baby-sounds the catfish make
When they gently surface the water to eat their bread
Happy little-big mouths gulping softly,
Each getting a piece of bread as another little-big mouth takes its place

One deer stands out in the grass looking at me
She's standing apart from her deer friends
She stands quietly, giving me the chance
To feel honored that ... she trusts me, isn't afraid of me

Thoughts such as these
When I concentrate fully on them
Won't let me be sad, unhappy
As long as I think... of only them

Golden sunshine, green grass
Clear, sparkling water in the pond
Little-big mouths and dragonflies
Deer running, playing are happy thoughts I ... need today

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  1. Hi Gloria----------

    Here is what I would write on your blog today:

    I have seen a number of dragon flies this year too! Mostly I see them at my daughter's home. We see them near and around her pool. She tells me not to bother them that they won't hurt anything. I told her how Tommy loved the dragon flies and when you see them you think of Tommy. Maybe he is trying to come see his Mama! That would be a good way! Love, Ms. Nancy