Thursday, August 16, 2012

Installation And Usage... Instructions For Trash Bags

Installation And Usage... Instructions For Trash Bags

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

Yes, you read right... we bought a box of trash bags at a new store not long ago.  I loved the box, it was a strong box with the colors of brown with green print on it.... you know the look of 'green'.

It was hard to open the box, the box was so strong.  Normally boxes of bags are flimsy.  I pulled the bags out and discovered that they were divided into twelve bags each.....

Twelve bags all inside each other so, that when you get ready to bag the trash up... you decide whether you need one or ...two bags.

When I pulled the bags out of the box... a folded sheet of paper fell out with them.... with black print.  It was a 'Installation And Usage Instructions' sheet.... now, doesn't that beat all?

I have to have instructions on how to use the trash bags?  Truthfully, the way the bags are packaged... 12 bags in one... I can see 'why' some people would need them.

At the top of the bags is an elastic strap that goes around the trash can with the bags attached to it.  On 'each corner' there are 'tabs' ... this is where you pull 'one or two bags' out at one time to bag up trash.  How neat is this?!  I've done my own trash bags like this in the past... but, it's really neat to buy them already 'inside the other'.

The name of these trash bags are 'EZ Bagz'... hey, they are worth buying.  I am going to buy more.  We found them in a new store called 'Ollie's' in Henderson, NC.  By the way... that's a nice store....

They have many wonderful books, everyone knows that I love books.  Their selection is wonderful.  Also, they have many unusual, fun things to shop around to look at, to buy.  I like this store.  It's very interesting.  We will go back to it.

Oh... guess what I found?  The most beautiful book of tattooes... yes, Granny Gee wants a tattoo.... of the tiny dragonfly that will sit on her shoulder... in memory of Tommy.

This is a beautifully illustrated book with colored, and black/white photos.  I will draw from this book, also.  I couldn't believe the special price on such a beautiful book!  $3.99.... all the books that are hardback or soft-covered are specially priced there... they cost so much more elsewhere.

Mmmm-mmm ..... I also, saw something I'd like to put in the backyard.... like when we get the swimming pool up... that's patio bricks.  These patio bricks are 'different'.... they come in big pieces the size of a rug... the 'bricks' are individually molded on that 'rug'.  You can buy as many 'rugs of bricks' you want to make a lasting floor to cover the ground.  They are made of thick rubber.... I love these 'patio bricks!'

We've only made it through half of the store so far.... we still have the other half to look forward to.  I look forward!  I love unusual stores!  I can't seem to get past ... the books!

I am glad I had instructions on how to install the new trash bags... there 'was one thing' I wasn't sure about.... everyone who knows me, knows that I am 'going to do it my way first before reading instructions'.

At first, I didn't know 'why' there were places at each corner of the bags/trash can..... that had 'holes'.  Why, that's 'where' one 'tears them off the elastic cord at all four corners!'  :)))  How cool is that?  I needed those instructions after all!

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