Sunday, August 26, 2012

No S'more... S'mores For Me!

No S'more... S'mores For Me!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

This evening we had baked chicken for supper.  Of course, that means Kissy Fairchild and Sweet Chadwick had chick-chick for their 'suppy'!

After supper, I opened one of the cabinets, saw the giant marshmallows we had purchased some time ago.  Nearby was the package of Hershey's chocolate bars.  I looked at them, closed the cabinet door, walked away.

I was looking inside the cabinet door when I became aware that .... I was back to look at the marshmallows and Hershey's chocolate bars.  My hands took the marshmallows and chocolate bars off the shelves... set them down on the countertop.

I stood there, looked at all.... there's something missing!  I need honey graham crackers!  I opened the door, saw them, wondered ... how did I not see them?!!!

I needed a fire to roast my marshmallows on!  I stood there, thinking.  I didn't want to go outside and pull the cover off the gas grill... too much trouble.  I just don't feel like that!

I looked at the range, decided I would roast my marshmallows on top of one of the electric 'eyes'!  I turned the front eye on, let it get red.  There's my 'fire'!

I took a fork, stuck it into one of those fat marshmallows, making sure it was secured.  Looking good!  I held it over the electric eye ... all the while turning that marshmallow.

It toasted nicely... even sometimes, flames 'flared' up on it!

I simply blew the flame out, kept on turning until it looked like I wanted it to look.  On the countertop... was a paper plate with honey graham crackers on it... with little pieces of Hershey's chocolate candy bar on each.

I placed that hot, toasted marshmallow on top of the chocolate candy sitting on a graham cracker.  I topped it with another honey graham cracker.... and pressed it together.

It was now... time to eat it!  Guess what?  I don't really like S'mores!  The marshmallow was too sticky, messy for me.  I didn't really like the flavors of chocolate candy with the honey graham cracker, and marshmallow.  I've never liked to eat anything that was messy, or got on my hands while eating it!

That's what happened... hot, sticky marshmallow got on my hands... melted marshmallow and chocolate candy got on my lips... crumbs fell from the honey graham crackers.  I don't like a 'mess'!!!

No S'more.... S'mores for me!  :)))

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  1. That chocolate and marshmallows sound good to me! Now crazy about the graham crackers with marshmallows. Might be time to start thinking about holiday snacks! It is only about 4 months away! Love, Ms. Nancy