Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rest In Peace, Jimmy.....Rest In Peace, Marie

Rest In Peace, Jimmy... Rest in Peace, Marie

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

She left home with a mission in mind
Drove uptown, parked in front of the post office
She stepped out of the car, opened the back door
Picked a box up gently, took it inside

She walked to the counter, sat the box on it
Spoke to the postal clerk, saying "I want to mail Jimmy"
To Oregon to be with his mother, Marie
"Would you help me please?"

The postal clerk inspected the open box
Saw that Jimmy's ashes were seal-proofed
She closed the box gently, put special tape on it
Weighed it, put the postage on it

Gloria paid for the postage, thanked the postal clerk
Was told that it would take upwards of three days
For Jimmy to reach his destination
To be there in time to be placed with his mother's ashes

Gloria felt good inside when she let go of the box
Knowing she'd kept her promise made to Jimmy
She'd placed his ashes with her mother, Earlene
and brother, Ricky just as he'd asked of her

"I want to match wits with Earlene," he told her
Just like we used to years ago
"Yes, I want my ashes to be placed in your art room
Where the sun shines, where all the happy colors are

Gloria never heard a sound in her art room
So, she doesn't know if her mother and Jimmy
Matched wits or not... if it could be done in the afterlife
They would be the ones to do it

His brother, sisters didn't mind
With them not minding, she kept that promise she'd made
Now... it was time for him to go home
Go home to his mother, to be in his final resting place

Rest in peace, Jimmy
Rest in peace, Marie
Mother and son
Aunt, Cousin


  1. I am trying to post a comment. I now have a page like I use to have with my old computer. Hopefully this will post. I know Jimmy is happy now with his mother. I am thinking he gave your mom a run for her wings! Good bye Jimmy! Gloria you kept your word as usual and I am very proud of you! Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. Ms Nancy,

      I have set my settings in a way so you can now post a comment easily. I hope everyone can comment now, without alot of trouble. Thank-you, Nancy. Love, Gloria