Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Suicide... So Final, So ...The End

Suicide... So Final, So ...The End

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

No one knows 'why'...
It must have been so bad for him to do that
It's so sad, no one would wish such
On someone even if they did wrong

I feel so sad to learn of yet, another death
This one not from natural causes, but...
From someone committing suicide
It's so... final, it's so.... The End

His problems were more than anyone knew
How sad he couldn't find some way to resolve them
I could cry for this man, he's no one to me
I don't know him personally, but... I've met him

I was affected like alot of people were
From his actions, not so long ago
No one knew 'why' he did what he did
But... I don't think it rated anywhere close to 'that bad'...

I'm so sorry for this man's family
I was thinking of one person in particular
That must be hurting more than words can say
His mother... the woman who brought him into the world

Another mother.... another son
For some reason it makes me want to weep
With my very heart because she is wondering 'why'
Her precious son took his life

I'm so sorry to this mother, I hurt for you
You have a long path to travel now, I know it well
Until a child dies, no mother will know
How it feels to go down grief's lane

I'm so sorry for things to be so bad
For him to end his own life
How sad it is to not find another way
To make things all right again, so you could live

I didn't know you personally, only affected by your actions
Those actions weren't bad enough to wish bad to you
I'm so sorry you had to take your life, Herb
Though I didn't know you... I feel your mother's pain

I send loving thoughts and prayers to her
As a mother who has lost her son, her only child
My heart goes out to her knowing that she has just begun
To travel on that road ... the road of grief, pain, darkness

There's no way we know
What goes on in someone's mind
To drive them, to make them feel they have to
Commit suicide, it's so final... so, The End

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  1. Hi Gloria------------

    This is what I would write on your blog:

    For the grieving mother I can tell you I honestly don't know how you feel. When I see a mother that has lost her child I can only see the pain in her eyes and their hearts. I do know one mother that had 2 sons and they both have committed suicide. They did this about a year and half apart from one another. My heart breaks for this mother that had 2 children and now she has none because her sons were so selfish. I think it was selfish on their part to do this to their mother. This is what drugs did for them. Because no one wanted to be around these 2 brothers when they were messed up on drugs, they got all messed up and committed suicide. We think this was their way of saying, "I'll show you". Yep! They showed us! They showed us what drugs will do for you . This mother is so pitiful now. I can not imagine how she must feel to have 2 children, raised them to adulthood and then they are gone as if she didn't have them at all. Love, Ms. Nancy