Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Beautiful, Colorful Bird Flew Away Last Night...

The Beautiful, Colorful Bird Flew Away Last Night...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I send my condolences, love to my cousins in Oregon, New Mexico. Their mother, my aunt, died last night. I am feeling sad for them.

 She is the last of the 'Five Beautiful Sisters'... my mother's oldest sister. She was the bright, colorful bird I wrote about once... I will write about how beautiful, colorful she was when I was a little girl.... how she made such an impression on me.

 When I was little she loved me very much... at that time I loved her with my very little girl heart... she would take me to spend the night with her.... I would get to see my cousins whom I loved very much. Later, she left to live in New Mexico.  I'm sad once again... I try not to feel.

I remember when my Aunt Marie would come to Grandma Alma's from New Mexico... I would feel such excitement inside.  I don't think she ever knew how happy this one little girl was.. when she found out that 'Marie was coming to visit!'

One particular time, I was 'down at my cousins' home'... just next door to my Grandma Alma and George's. I was in the bedroom playing with my cousin... when it seemed for the moment... the 'very air changed!'

There was an electricity in the air, I felt myself begin to feel so excited, happy.  It seemed the sunshine came out!  My Aunt Marie was here!... I just 'knew' she had entered the house... I could feel her presence.  I wanted to see her, I loved her.

I could hear her walk... her beautiful sandals had little decorations that dangled making a 'happy' sound!  I could hear the swishing of her long, full skirt as it flared out... in the most beautiful colors imagined.  My eyes took in all of her beautiful colors.  She had dark, beautiful hair down to her bare shoulders... her turquoise blouse was of Spanish design, matching her skirt of many colors.  (Later in time, she colored her hair.. blonde... it was beautiful, also).

She smiled the most kindest, wonderful smile... she smiled her 'Aunt Marie smile'.  She noticed me, she saw 'me'!  My heart swelled with such love for her... she didn't forget me.  I ran to her, hugging her tightly.  I was so happy to see this 'bright, beautiful bird'.... I held onto her not wanting her to fly away ever again!

She let me stay near her while she was there... her eyes would look at me with such love.  I wasn't used to seeing that expression very often.  Her voice was soft, beautiful when she spoke to me... I wasn't used to that very often, either.  You have to know that I dearly loved this woman.

She was my mama's oldest sister, she was as beautiful as my mother.  All of my mother's sisters were beautiful, young women.  They were all full of life, each had their own spitfire personality... each thinking they could tame the world.

They were strong, vibrant women... all were good in their own way.  No one ran over them as they'd fight at the drop of a hat to defend the one they loved.

My Aunt Marie, what can I say that most described her that I remember?  Her beautiful clothes, her beautiful skirts, blouses, shoes... she had a flare for clothes.  Not only that... she could wear them beautifully.    

The impression she made on me was 'huge'.... as I grew up, I had beautiful clothes, too.  I could wear them just like she did.... I loved the skirts, blouses like she wore.  Looking back.... my Aunt Marie was a bright, colorful, beautiful bird.  I wore some of the same style of clothing she did... everyone thought I was beautiful, too... just like I thought about her.

Last night... that bright, colorful, and beautiful bird... did fly away... forever.

******NOTE:  I know Marie is mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend, aunt, great-aunt to many people.  My heart goes out to each of them.  I care with my heart.

I didn't want to... but, I may be crying for the 'little girl who loved her dearly with her very heart... who held onto her so, that the bright, beautiful bird wouldn't fly away'.

******Fly away bright, beautiful bird, soar high in the sky!

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  1. Hi Gloria------------

    This is what I would write on your comment for your blog:

    I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. I know your mother was a beautiful person (inside and out) but I never met your aunt. I truly believe if you say she was beautiful, then she was beautiful! The last beautiful bird has flown away! May God bless each one of them and be with their families! Love, Ms. Nancy