Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yaz Nominated Me For An Award... 'One Lovely Blog' Award

Yaz Nominated Me For An Award... 'One Lovely Blog' Award

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Today I received an award for my blog... the 'One Lovely Blog' award.  I was really touched to receive it... this meant alot to me for someone to like my blog that well.  I'm truly amazed... and also, very honored.

I have written from my very heart, bared my soul so... one can see, feel 'real grief', along with 'real life'.  I've written things here that I never talk about in words to anyone... it's rare that I do.  I can write the words, but... it's too hard for me to actually say the words.  I write ...'my pain'.

I couldn't find anything to help me with the terrible grief I was experiencing on the internet.  I was in darkness for so long, going in circles... sometimes I just laid down, gave up.  I couldn't find anything to help me cope with all inside me, my heart, my very soul...nothing could touch the pain.  I began to write the pain... and through time... it has been what has helped me get this far.

Not only writing helped me... interaction with other people who seemed to care... made all the difference.  I'm so used to being private, used to keeping my feelings to myself... when people began writing to address things I wrote... I was so honored that they would 'do such a thing'.  I 'felt' such caring... it encouraged me to keep going.

Yaz, one of my friends on (Yaz Rooney) began talking to me.  I began to notice each time she would write, her words... had real meaning.  Her words touched my heart, they meant something to me.  I feel whomever is touched by reading her blog... will feel something special from it.  Yaz is the reason is 'why' this story....

This is about the award and who nominated me... her website link is included.  She is a friend I've made here on Wordpress whom I appreciate very much.  When she writes, her words have true meaning... meaning we can use and treasure in our everyday lives.  You might want to visit her blog/website link.... here it is.... below is what she (her name is beautiful, it is 'Yaz')..... wrote, and her link:

Hi Again Gloria! I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award on the basis that I love reading what you have to say. I look beyond your words and try to see more of you than you give away so I can feel a stronger bond in the spirit. Thank you for sharing your journey through life and for giving your readers some serious food for thought. I know that some of you do not accept awards, and some have received the same from others. Please receive it in the heart, if not through the usual channels! Best wishes always, Yaz.
Please go to to claim your award!

Since I read the words (this morning)....... Yaz wrote to me... I felt a 'swell of soft happiness in my very soul'.... does that make sense?  Gracious, I'm just awed, amazed that my words, my blog 'means something'.... isn't it just so special?

This is ... just special....... in the softest, happiest way.  Yaz, I have to tell you this... it just means the world to me.  Thank-you.  Love, Gloria/Granny Gee

I hope everyone will visit her blog, and be followers as I am.  This is the link again:

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  1. Gloria I am so proud of you! I told you that you were good at writing! You have so much talent! Just seems like you are busting at the seams! I do wish you the best of everything. You deserve any awards that you get. Good luck my friend! Love, Ms. Nancy