Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sequoia Tree Under The Blue Moon...

Sequoia Tree Under The Blue Moon...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

There's a big, old Sequoia tree in a special place
Underneath that Sequoia tree something lies
Buried among the hard soil, strong roots
To be protected for... always

A meaningful event took place today in Oregon
Beneath that old, beautiful Sequoia tree
A place was dug with hard labor as
The ground was dry, so hard

Ashes to ashes, mother reunited with son
Dust to dust, they are together again
My aunt, my cousin who traveled one more trip
To be placed with his mother in a small grave

This happened today, Labor Day weekend
Of 2012, mother and first child, her son are reunited
Underneath that beautiful, old Sequioa tree
That sits tonight ...under the Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon, and happy colors
Jimmy is with his mother, Marie
Who was a colorful character in life
Underneath the Sequoia tree that stands over them

Protecting, guarding their ashes for always
My heart feels good tonight as I think of them
I feel comfort inside seeing in my mind, the
Sequoia tree standing underneath the Blue Moon

Like a blanket of love, the Sequoia tree's shadow
covers the small grave near its trunk
The light from the Blue Moon shines through its limbs
To cast a special light all around

As that special light shines all around
I feel that mother and son are happy being together
Because lots of good things happen ...'once in a Blue Moon'
This is one of those good things that was ... meant to be


  1. Beautiful. May they truly rest in peace now.

  2. I can just see that smile on Jimmy's face! He is where he wanted to be and that is with his mother. May they both rest in peace now. Love, Ms. Nancy