Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This Grieving Mother's Blog Touched My Heart, It Will Touch Yours...

This Grieving Mother's Blog Touched My Heart, It Will Touch Yours...   

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I've been reading this morning on a blog ... a grieving mother's blog.  I have been so engrossed in it because... I felt the pure grief from her words.  That's 'why'... I couldn't just... leave, go on.

Also... I never could find blogs that actual grieving mothers wrote, really wrote from the pain in their hearts... I only found several all this time.  So, I am following her blog to not lose, or forget about it.  

Her son disappeared on..... May 29, 2007 to be found in the water I think on June 02, 2007.  He was very young, 20 years old.  No one knows what happened.  

May 29th... the date my son died.... three years apart.  I didn't realize it at first until... I read May 29th.... I just stopped, stared at it, so surprised.  Now.... I can never forget her son... a connection was made... it'll be in my mind forever... just as May 29, 2010 is... the date Tommy died.  May 29th..

I could feel her grief 'now'.... even 'now'.  I was grieving for her son as I read some of her blog.  I 'felt' how it feels to 'not know' where her son was... missing.  I 'know how this feels'... my son disappeared for three years... I never knew if he was living, or was... gone forever.  I can't write about that... that's for 'one day'..........  I 'still know that pain'... too. 

What struck me was that her son... always told her that he 'had to live fast', he 'knew' he wasn't going to live a long life.  He told her that 'the ravens were following him home' not long before he disappeared.

I will put her blog website here so, you can go read if you are interested.  It touched my very heart.   I think it will touch your heart, too.

I hope my readers will check her blog out, too.  I think it will touch you with the words that come from her heart... it did mine.... I was 'in suspended grief'.... like a cloud hanging in the sky... the whole time I was reading.  I was in 'suspended pain'.... I felt her words, her pain, her pure grief.  I recognized it.  I know it.  

I just let her know that I was touched by her blog... I put it on my Blog List here... I will keep going back to read, follow.  You can look on my Blog List here on my blog.... I treasure each one there.  :)))  I just learned how to arrange them, add them... and such!

Read 'why' she named her blog 'mystery o riley... mysteryoriley'.... her young son loved mysteries... and might have loved the mystery surrounding his last moments.  

My impression of her son as I read.... he 'knew' his life was short, he lived it to the fullest,he felt he had to live fast.... I felt that he could have been an angel.  An angel who came into her life as her little baby... born to touch her life, lots of people's lives in his special way.  

I think all of our sons who are gone... were angels.  I think all of our daughters who are gone... were angels.  They were in our lives for special purposes... it was up to us to learn from them.

I'm glad to have found your blog....   


  1. I will read this lady's blog soon. I can't imagine what it must be like to lose a child. I can only pray that God will give comfort to those who have lost a child. I saw a lady I went to school with yesterday. She had told me that her daughter was murdered a few years ago due to domestic violence. My heart sank because I could not imagine her pain. Anyone who has lost a child (no matter their age), I will keep you in my prayers. I may not know your name but God does. Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. I love this title "Colors in My Life." That is beautiful. I've been an artist all my life and can appreciate that. I also blog and I'm trying to reach out so I can help more people with grief. I lost my 5-year-old son many years ago. (Twenty to be exact.)
    I started blogging 3 years ago and rediscovered music and songwriting after not playing my guitar for 30 years. I really healed from my grief and found joy again. My songs are about healing and my message is to inspire hope for people who are suffering from deep grief. I'm glad I could share this with you.
    Good luck also with what you are writing.
    Judy Unger

  3. Hi Gloria,
    Thank you for your post about mysteryoriley. Your words are very kind, and I know they come from that same place of cruel loss - our children. Your site is beautiful. I'm so glad you have grandchildren so you can see Tommy in them.