Sunday, September 2, 2012

Windchimes Play My Colors...

Windchimes Play My Colors...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I sit here at my desk listening to the sounds
Of the windchimes hanging on the porch
One is made of bamboo, the one Tommy gave to me
For my birthday some years ago

The other windchime is made of metal
We 'inherited' this one when we lived on Fairchild's Mountain
Both complement each other
When the wind blows, the music begins

Happy tinkling from metal and wood
Music that is light-hearted, free-spirited
I love this happy sound with my heart
I see happy colors in my mind as I listen

Soon, the warm winds that blow
Will be cooler winds of fall time
The music will become very special
It'll ring in my very favorite season of the year

The colors I see in my mind... outside
Are of yellow, gold, red, green, brown
Wonderful colors on a cool day
That will warm my heart, warm my soul

Fall time.... my favorite time of the year
The clouds so white in the blue fall time sky
At night the stars will twinkle so clear and bright
I will snuggle up in my warm covers in the bed

Smile, knowing wonderful days are ahead
Fall time to some people is sad, they think all dies
To me... all comes alive, my heart soars
From such happiness because I look forward to life

I have the feeling that a wonderful surprise can happen any moment
I can go around a corner, something special could be there
Fall time gives me this special feeling
Of excitement from things .... that will be


  1. I love wind chimes too! So does my mother. I think they have a soothing sound. Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. Great post! I have the same feeling about wind chimes. The sounds they produce just has a calming effect on the ambiance. Very heart-warming. My wedding favors were actually wind chimes.