Sunday, October 14, 2012

Express Yourself, Kissy!

Express Yourself, Kissy!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Express yourself!  Express yourself!
Wiggle, waggle, wiggle, waggle, wig, wig! wig!
Express yourself!  Express yourself, Kissy!

Kissy is turning around, and around in a circle
Express yourself, Kissy!  You big, strong wiggly Pup!
Let me spank that tail, spank that tail!

Come here you big rascal!  Express yourself!
Kissy!  Kissy! Kissy!  Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!
Oh-hhhh, oh-hhhhhh!  Let me kiss you, Kissy!

Kissy turns around in a circle, wiggling, waggling his little tail
Come here, Kissy!  I want to kiss you!
He comes so, I can kiss him but....

Kissy can't stop moving, he wiggles, he waggles
One big, strong, happy Pup
Wiggles, waggles knowing he's loved very much!


Kissy, our almost 2 year old Rottie, began 'expressing himself' a year and half ago.  The commercial on tv started it all.... when he hears one of us say 'express yourself' he will jump up and grab a chew or toy... come running to us.

He will begin running in a happy circle while I take my hands and gently touch his back.... as he runs around and around!  Kissy loves to express him... he loves to butt his sweet big head against my legs as runs around.

After he expresses himself, he'll run to lay down... and happily chew his chew-chew!

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  1. That Kissy is something else!! I can just see him going around in circles now! Ha! He does love that Gloria!! Love, Ms. Nancy