Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guardian Angels...

Guardian Angels...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I am on alert this morning.  Kissy came to wake me up this morning at 5:20 am.  He got up on the bed, hit me with his big foot (he did what we call 'big-footed me')  ... and barked.  I woke up, watched him in the nightlight.  He doesn't do this unless something is outside, something is going on closeby.

Kissy sat for a moment looking toward the bedroom door... I 'knew' his attention was on something.  I got up, he barked again.  As I came closer to the door to enter the hall, he jumped off the bed in front of me.  I had to follow him up the hall.

We went to the living room where I saw Skip sitting in his recliner holding a plastic hospital container he brought home with him yesterday.  He was nauseated.

He told me he had been up since 1:00 a.m. hurting in his right side.  I took his BP, and temperature.  I, also, called the hospital.  For now, Skip is comfortably resting on the couch where I put his soft pillows... and covered him up in cosy bedcovers.  I just looked over at him... he is resting quietly.

I made him promise not to get up sick again... without waking me up.  He understands I need to know what is going on with him 'in case' he has to go back to the hospital.  I am recording everything on paper 'just in case'... this way all is more accurate... if we have to go back.

I am his 'guardian angel' in life... I will watch over him.  I like to think Tommy is his guardian angel in the afterlife looking over him.

I look at Skip at this very moment... he is sleeping quietly.  He seems to be resting comfortably.  Kissy did want to lay on top of him... for now, he can't.  :)))

Kissy is tight against my feet, laying on my blanket as I sit here and type.  Chadwick wanted to stay close to Skip... he is now, sleeping on the loveseat.

They are worried about their Skip.  They are his 'guardian angels', also.  I loved that Kissy woke me up to come to Skip... I loved that Chadwick stayed near Skip.

I may stay awake alittle longer, when I feel it's okay... I will nap closeby Skip.  We 'guardian angels' have to stay on the alert... our special somebody needs us... we need him.  I love you, Skip.


  1. I will keep you both in my heart until skip is feeling better again.
    I hope it is only a small set back, and he will be back to his old self again soon.
    Skip couldn't have better Guardian Angels than you and Tommy, (and the pups).
    All my love
    ♥ Mary

  2. I have to agree with Mary! I know you will be the best Guardian Angel Skip could ever have. I believe that Tommy is watching over Skip and if he could I think he would tell Skip not to leave his Mama. I am sure that Skip doesn't want to leave his "baby girl" either! It is good that you are recording everything that is going on. Don't forget to log in the time and date too. Get well soon Skip!! Pups you keep up the good work too! Gloria I need you to take care of yourself as well. As always, I am only a phone call away! Love, Ms. Nancy