Saturday, October 20, 2012

He's Back!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I've been sitting here this morning thinking... Skip and the Pups are still resting.  I'm thinking about doing something different on my blog later... such as adding some of my own little drawings, artwork on my blog... using my own work ...for my pictures.

Skip just walked down the hall into the living room.  I could hear a smile in his voice as he said, "I knew you were on the computer!"  I loved hearing that!  That sounds 'like Skip!'

Skip is feeling, looking so much better.  I think the kidney stone may have passed yesterday morning.  He hasn't been in pain since.  It was a small one so, I think while he was on the medicine he may not have felt it.

Skip isn't used to taking medicine like that.... and I'm sure I don't want it unless I'm hurting bad!  In Rex Emergency, he was given pain medicine twice... I watched Skip's face.  His eyes soon began looking around him like 'what's happening!'

I remember laughing, because months ago, I had to have pain medicine when I suffered a bout of diverticulitis.  Oh my God!  I would have never accepted it if I wasn't desperate for relief!

I do remember I did begin smiling (like an idiot, I'm sure.... everybody began smiling, laughing back at me).  When the nurses, doctor would come and go... I remember.... I would grin at them and wave to them with ....................(I'm embarassed!)....... with my little finger!  :)))

I became aware that my little finger wanted to wave... who has ever heard of that!  I would hold my hand up in front of my face, and let that little finger wave!

Skip didn't do any 'crazy' things while on the medicine, he was too sick... he'd just gotten out of the hospital the day before.  He did go to sleep almost right away.  His body had been through so much.

Anyway, I think when under the effects of the pain medicine ... the kidney stone may have passed.  I think I know when it did.

I, now, know the symptoms of a kidney stone..... Skip began experiencing severe pain in his right side, it radiated on around into his back... his urine began to have alot of blood in it (I almost fainted when I saw that!).  That's when I took him straight back to the hospital.

Thankfully, I didn't waste any time... he could have experienced other symptoms such as fever, chills... even to the extent of a blockage in his kidneys... that would be life-threatening.

Men may joke about kidney stones, but, pay attention... you can see in their faces they don't joke about the horrible pain associated with it.  They 'know' how bad it hurts... they don't forget 'that pain'.

Skip has three friends who have had them.... they've all related their stories of what they experienced.  It was bad pain.... they all compare it to a woman in labor having a baby.

Skip looks so much 'like Skip' this morning.... he sounds so much 'like my Skip'..... I'm thinking though he's still weak, that 'he's back!'

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  1. I have always heard that passing a kidney stone is a lot like having a baby. Like I said befoe-I feel for him if that is how it feels! I am glad he is so much better. I know you took good care of him. If he needs to get to a hospital I know you will be gone before I could say: I have fallen and can't get up! You take care of Gloria too! You won't be any good to Skip if you don't take care of you. As always, call me if you need me! Love, Ms. Nancy