Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Wish We Could Play Now... With Our Paints Of Happy Colors!

I Wish We Could Play Now... With Our Paints Of Happy Colors!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Two little girls playing in a makeshift playhouse.  One little girl is very thin, pretty.  Her hair has been plaited.  The other little girl is a little chubby, pretty girl.  Her hair is curly.

"Let's make pies!"  the little girl with the plaited hair said.  She was the oldest, what she said usually was done.  The little chubby girl named Faye, was agreeable.  She was agreeable to most things.  She was happy to have someone play with her.

Faye, and the little slender girl, first cousins loved each other very much as children.  Time to time they would have a fuss, but, usually all would be alright again.

They tired of playing in the playhouse making pies.  They walked around in Grandma Alma and George's yard trying to think of what to do next.

The grapevine!  They ran to the grapevine, crawled beneath the vines and sat in the middle where it was clear.  They could see out but, no one could really see in.

Faye, and her cousin sat there talking about all their secrets, their fears, life.  Their dreams of what they wanted when they... grew up.

They had been placed at Grandma Alma and George's like all the children were when 'thrown away'.  We were thrown to hell where Grandma Alma, George lived.  Grandma Alma, George were 'angels' trapped in hell.

Faye didn't want her to go away.  She fear afraid inside.  Her little brother, Billy, had been taken away from her.  She wasn't old enough to know what 'Wisconsin' was, 'why' he was gone.  'Why' their daddy had become ...his daddy now.  She had no daddy no more...... she did know that her life was no longer the same.

She was in hell, though at the time she didn't know it was called that.  Mean, bad things went on here.... just out of sight of Grandma Alma and George's eyes (though George was blind).....

There was real fear in her mind.  They had heard the grownups talk... her cousin, and her siblings were going to be leaving... where to, she didn't know.

That was the last time Faye remembered sitting down to talk to her cousin.... under the grapevine, where they shared all their secrets, trusting and loving one another with their very hearts.

They wanted always to play with each other... but, soon she was gone.  No one thought Faye important enough to explain what had happened, 'why' her cousin was gone.  Through the years, this was another person Faye cried silently in her heart for.  Pain... Faye knew pain very well for a child.

In today's time.... 'Faye' and her first cousin talk by phone now.  Both of them do artwork.  Painting, drawing .... playing in colors... happy colors.  They have said they wished they could play again, play long as they wanted to... play in their paints of happy colors.... always.

As much as they wish to... it isn't possible.  Faye lives on the east coast, while Linda lives on the west coast.  Through time, they've been separated by distance.... but, Faye never forgot the time when they wanted to play together.... and still wishes now, that she could.  She never knew that her cousin grew up to share her love for drawing, painting... happy colors.

Oh, how Faye wishes she could play with her cousin 'now'.... with their paints of happy colors!  :)))

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  1. Maybe some day these 2 girls can get together again. I can just see you under that grapevine! I can see those curls bouncing around now! We never know when we might see someone that we long to see when we haven't seen them in years! Love, Ms. Nancy