Friday, October 12, 2012

It Never Had A Chance...

NOTE:  I wrote this to remember a little kitten I didn't know, but... now shed tears for... I cared with my heart.
             Granny Gee will always remember this little faceless kitten when she stands at the edge of the little
             fish pond.

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

They came in the still of the night
To sneak up on the new litter of kittens
That huddled together in a group

Huddled for safety, huddled for warmth
Warmth meant comfort, protection
The little kittens sat there in the night

Until... the coyotes came
The coyotes came from the woods close by
Running silently, a kitten noticed, meowed in alarm

The kittens scattered, the coyotes chased
They all got away... but, one
 The little kitten ran so fast into the air

In the air... the kitten never had a chance to understand
That the ground beneath its feet...  wasn't there anymore
The little kitten dropped...  into the cold water of the little fish pond

Swim, little kitten, swim for your life
Try as hard as it could, the little kitten succumbed to the water
Too cold, in shock...  The little kitten never felt a thing

When I look at the little fish pond, I cry silently
My tears are for the little kitten who never had a chance
Life...  can be cruel that way  

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  1. I am not an animal lover but I don't like to see any animal be harmed. Love, Ms. Nancy