Wednesday, October 24, 2012

They Never Knew I Was 'Gone'...

They Never Knew I Was 'Gone'...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

This evening we stood near the little fish pond, Skip and I, and a friend of ours.  We were talking until our attention was distracted by the sound of .... geese flying in formation over us.

There were quite a few of them... all flying in a 'V'.  I was in awe watching them.  I saw a space on one side of the 'V'... the space where maybe sometime in the past ... three geese may have flown ... until something happened to them.  I wondered if geese leave spaces open where their companions 'flew before'?  I am going to read up on this later.

We remarked on how geese are special in the way they mate for life... if something happens to one, the other doesn't mate again.  I want to read about this, too.  I am amazed by this.

I felt a sadness watching them fly while talking to each other.... that space I saw worried my mind.  I like for everything to be alright... I wished the space was filled with the geese that were missing.

I said a little prayer for the missing geese... my prayer was that the geese wherever they were ... never suffered if something happened to them.  If they were still living, I hoped they were happy.  This is silly to alot of people probably... but, nevertheless... this was how I felt.

I wished that space to have been filled by the missing geese.  I watched them fly until they were out of sight.  Skip and our friend were talking as my mind flew with them for several minutes... they never knew I was 'gone'.  :)))

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  1. I believe you did pray for those geese! You care about animals and such just like you do people. This is the caring Gloria I have known all my life. If you did anything less, I would ask, "where is my Gloria". I would think Skip had an imitator! You will be blessed for being such a caring and loving person. Love, Ms. Nancy