Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You Rascal!

You Rascal!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I saw sparkling colors... lights that were happy colors!  You know my attention goes straight to colors... I do follow colors.  I have to be very careful where they lead me!

My mind couldn't place 'why' these happy colors were here in an unlikely place.  Why... would they be in Kissy's mouth?  Kissy, is our Rottweiler who will be 2 years old on November 2nd.

Kissy was one year old when this happened.  He ran to the next room... I was in the bedroom when I first saw the colors.  I went on to forget about the happy colors thinking it was my imagination.  I should have known better!

Once in a while, I thought about the colors in Kissy's mouth... wondered if I really saw something or thought I saw something.  He had pranced out the pet door to go play with Chadwick, our special-mix Pup, who was 4 years old.

I went on to forget about it once again.... until I decided to call someone.  I went to look for my beautiful cellphone.  I was especially proud of it, Skip had just bought it for me.  It was expensive ($300.00), so, I knew I was going to take very good care of it!  Yes... I would take very good care of my beautiful cellphone!

I felt for it, it wasn't in the case that was clipped to my side!  I felt an over-whelming panic in my chest.  I ran to the bedroom, frantically began scanning all around for my beautiful cellphone!  I couldn't find it!

I felt weak... my beautiful cellphone... you know... the one Skip had just bought for me.... was gone!  How did it get out of my case?!!!

I ran to the living room, the kitchen... I looked at the pet door.  Uh oh!  The happy colors!  Oh no, the happy colors I thought I'd imagined!  I ran to the door and opened it.... I began calling Kissy!

I saw the colors again!  I knew I had to sweet-talk Kissy, to get my phone back.  It really was my cellphone.... no, it really was my new, beautiful cellphone that Skip paid alot to buy for me!  It was the cellphone that I had had for one day!  It was the cellphone I was going to 'protect with my life!'

It was the ... happy-colored cellphone in Kissy's mouth!  He came to me, I grabbed the cellphone.  It was wet... happy colors were on the cracked screen!  Only those colors didn't make me feel happy... I saw pink, red, lavender, green colors.  I love happy colors but, these weren't the colors I wanted to see.

"Oh, Kissy!"  I cried out, "how could you do this?"  I felt very upset as I walked back inside the house.  I sat down at the dining table with my beautiful cellphone... that had many happy colors on it... no longer was it pretty anymore.  It was wet, grimy... the screen cracked... teeth marks on the battery.  There was no hope for it.

I went several weeks before getting a new cellphone... I used a second-hand cellphone.  It was like driving an old car that had no shocks on it... all the best part had been 'used up'.  It was awful.

What was wonderful was that Skip bought me another beautiful cellphone .... just like the one Kissy got!  Kissy, you 'ate my cellphone', you rascal!  We never got mad at him.

Kissy!  You Rascal!  :)))

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  1. Leave it to man's best friend to upset a woman!! LOL!! That Kissy wanted to communicate with you! I guess he likes "happy colors" too. Glad no one got mad about it. I can just see those colors in Kissy's mouth now! Love, Ms. Nancy