Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Photos Of My Mother, Grandma Alma, and George... And A Glimpse Of Hell

New Photos Of My Mother, Grandma Alma, and George… And A Glimpse Of Hell

There are 4 photos on the upper left hand side at the top of my blog. The photos are of my most loved ones as a child… my beautiful mother, my Grandma Alma, and George… the only grandfather I ever knew. 
George was the kindest man I ever knew …Skip is the second kindest man I’ve ever known in my life.

You can also, get a glimpse of Hell in the photo surrounding George as he stands there at the stove cooking. He was blind, yet he cooked. My Grandma Alma was paralyzed.

This evening is the first evening I have looked at these photos in years… looking into Hell makes my stomach feel funny, it feels sick. I feel a shakiness inside from it.

My Grandma Alma and George were angels condemned to Hell on earth… they couldn’t go anywhere because of their disabilities… they were at the mercy of the world.

 Now, when I write about them, you will have a picture to go along with my stories in your mind.

Goodnight everyone. Love, Granny Gee/Gloria :) ))


  1. Love the pictures hun! :)

    Happy Nude Year!!! LoL!!!

    Love ya!


  2. Happy New Year to you in 'Merrie Auld England', Prenin! :))) Thank you!

  3. I hadn't seen your Mother's pictures in so long I had forgotten how beautiful she was!! You are beautiful too! I remember "back in the day". I can still see George walking around in that yard and yelling at someone that had done something to him. I don't remember seeing your Grandma Alma much. I think it was because she couldnt' get around too good. These pictures do bring back memories! Love, Ms. Nancy