Friday, December 21, 2012

This Was Nice! It Was Nice To Meet You, Josh! :)))

This Was Nice!  It Was Nice To Meet You, Josh!  :)))

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Skip and I went to Dunkin Donuts this morning.  We decided to sit at the counter to enjoy our donuts, coffee.  Truthfully... on a very windy, cold morning there's nothing better!  So comforting, so good!  So........ happy!

While we sat at the counter, I noticed a young man sitting near us, just across from us at the counter.  He was reading a news- paper.  I don't know why... he reminded me of ... Tommy.  About the same age, and he just seemed to have 'that kindness around him' like Tommy had.

Skip spoke to him, soon we were both talking to him.  We all had a common bond... driving a truck.  He said he was a truck driver... just like Tommy was a truck driver.  We told him about Tommy driving, who for, so on.

Another gentleman came to sit next to the young man, I felt he was a very kind person, soon I spoke to him.  He had the kindest smile.  I wanted to talk to him... I didn't know what to say, but, I did wish him a nice Christmas before we left.  Have you ever seen someone you wished to speak to... but, you didn't know what to say?  I could smile, though!

We talked to Josh, we learned his name while talking.  I told him that he reminded me of Tommy.  As we sat there, in my mind I could imagine Tommy meeting people like us, while traveling.  He would have talked to us, just as this young man did.  Somehow, it comforted me... you all know how sad I've been, how I miss my son.

I wanted to cry... because Tommy would have treated us just like this young man did.  He made us feel good inside for having met him.  I imagined Tommy making other people like us... feel happy for having met him, too.

Josh, it was really very nice to meet you.  I hope to see you here soon, visiting my blog.  Thank you for making us feel happy for having met you, this morning.  :)))  I felt for a short time that somehow... through you, I saw my son for a few minutes.

I looked around as Skip and Josh talked.  I listened to the happy sounds in the donut shop.  The waitresses were jolly, and one was gently teasing an elderly man, making him smile.  I smiled inside, watching.  I love to see kindness happening around me.

Don't you agree that there's something magical about a donut shop that draws people together on a day when the weather is stormy, wintery, snowy?

There's something comforting sitting there, elbow to elbow... drinking wonderful, hot cups of coffee (my favorite is Dunkin' Donut coffee!), eating donuts.  There's something comforting about the aroma of coffee brewing, doughnuts being made... seeing all the different kinds on display.

For the time we were there, I was aware of all of this, as we talked to Josh.  Skip and I shook his hand when it came time to leave, wished him a nice Christmas.

As we were getting ready to go out the door, we spotted Grover, the owner, Skip's friend.  We spoke to him just for a moment as he was busy making more doughnuts!  :)))

As we walked out of the donut shop, Skip said, "this was nice."  I agreed with him.  I turned to look back inside through the big window, I waved.... no one saw me as they talked, smiled at each other.  That was okay... I believe more people may have left after us... thinking the same.  This was... nice!


  1. I like doughnuts too! Even though it is the holidays, I still try to stay away from the "good" sutff. All that weight is too hard for me to get off. It does sound like a nice thing to do anyway. I can just smell those doughnuts,coffe brewing and a very nice conversation to someone you don't know. All that sounds so cheerful--like Christmas is suppose to be! Merry Christmas to everyone!! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. Ms Nancy, I hope you and your family the nicest Christmas. Yesterday was a bright spot in our day. I'm not going to worry about weight right now... I worry about it all the time... so, for now... I won't! Ha! Love, Gloria