Friday, January 4, 2013

Can I Open The Curtain Of Air To Peep Into Heaven?

(Something Just Happened As I Was Writing This Poem !!! ) ... I stopped long enough to take a photo of it!) ... Read below to know!  Granny Gee/Gloria

Can I Open The Curtain Of Air To Peep Into Heaven?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

A little ant scurried along the tiny ant path
Going to only where he knows
Taking a tidbit of food with him as he goes

The red hawk in the distance swoops to the ground
Hoping to catch the little rabbit that hops, runs for its life
The hawk misses, the rabbit is safe for another day

Insects buzz with lazy, happy sounds
The sun shines down, warming the ground
On the surface of the pond, the water breaks

A big fish pulls back the curtain of water
Is that how Tommy left one day in late May?
Did he reach out to open the curtain of air?

The curtain of water that separates pond from air opens
The fish appears for a moment on this side
Open the air ... is it possible to 'open the air' to Heaven?

Open the curtain of air, peep in to see our loved ones
To see where they could have gone?
I'm always feeling the air with my hands, looking for that opening

I know that I couldn't stay just as the fish can't stay
On this side of the water... unless it died ... I died
The fish only wants food, I only want to peep in at my son

I just want to see his smiling face for a few moments
You know... see his eyes that I know so well
I really miss him so much ... I want to just peep for a moment

Not stay long, you know
Just a moment, just a couple of moments
One more moment, please?

I stand on the grassy knoll in my mind
Seeing a dragonfly land on a little yellow flower
I wonder as I look ... could that dragonfly be Tommy?

Did it appear for me, to let me know he knows I'm here?
Tommy, my mind cries out, I miss you, my son!
Please don't leave, stay for a moment

You don't have to stay long
Light on my hand, just for a couple............    Oh My God!
At this very moment I wrote that!

Kissy came to me, I bent down to pet him
Heard something fall to the floor
It was a 'dragonfly!', a root shaped like a dragonfly!

This just really happened several moments ago!
I took time to get photos of it to put here
I just wrote about a dragonfly up above!

I am feeling strange now, you see
I think Tommy just 'sent a dragonfly to me!'
He sent it by Kissy, who brought it to me

I don't know what to think
I have this 'dragonfly' sitting in my art room
To always stay now... it just appeared... today!!!

January 04, 2013... This just really happened!  Just as I typed the words 'just for a couple'....... I stopped long enough to get photos of the 'dragonfly'... a root shaped like a dragonfly!

At first, when I heard something fall to the floor, I couldn't imagine what it was... I had just bent over from my desk chair to pet Kissy (he wanted to Express Himself!  To run in a circle as I excitedly tell him 'Kissy, Express Yourself!').

As my hand went to pick up what fell, my eyes couldn't identify what it was.. I drew my hand back quickly.  On the dark carpet it looked like ... I was afraid it could be a big insect, or something until... I leaned down close enough to investigate!

I couldn't believe my eyes!  You won't either, when you read what I've just wrote... this ... really ... happened ... a 'few moments ago!'
Granny Gee/Gloria
P.S.  Normally, I don't tell anyone about such things ... I keep them to myself.  I know strange things can/will happen ... and if one doesn't see it for themselves ... they don't believe it.
This happened just a short time ago... about 9:45 am  ... January 04, 2013 !!!  Friday!

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  1. Who knows----maybe Tommy is trying to contact you to help ease your pain. I bet he would tell you to not worry and don't be sad. Some day you and he will be together again. I can understand you want to see him now. I think all parents would like to see their child/children when they have been taken from them. The only thing I can think of is that God needed another angel and He chose Tommy. Love, Ms. Nancy