Friday, January 4, 2013

Is It My Imagination?

Photo Taken by Gloria Faye Brown Bates... January 04, 2013 at  9:45 am... Friday
Answer me this:  Do you see a Dragonfly?

Is It My Imagination?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I wonder what insect you see when you look at the photo
The photo I took of the root our Kissy brought to me
As I sat in my art room to write about Tommy?

I couldn't believe my eyes as I bent closer to see
What in the world he brought, dropped on the floor
For me ... at first, I was afraid it was a bug of some kind

My hand came back quickly before I touched it
I began to see a ...... no, that can't be!
It's too much of a coincidence, I was just writing about a...

Dragonfly ... when, one 'drops out of heaven' before me
Kissy was the messenger who brought it to me
Can you 'see the dragonfly?' or is that just my imagination?

How can I be writing about Tommy, a dragonfly, while inside
For a dragonfly to appear to me?
To appear in the form of a root.... shaped like a ..................

I can't believe my eyes, yet... I believe
I know such happens, I've seen strange things in the past
As they happen, I know they're true

I keep them to myself, I don't tell you
This one time I did, because it happened while I was
Writing to you about Tommy, a dragonfly

It's strange, it really happened
I felt you should know it did as I sat here
Writing to you, when Kissy brought that 'dragonfly' to me

I was wishing to see Tommy's face, his eyes
Instead... from heaven, a dragonfly dropped down
In the form of a root that came from outside

Did this root come from heaven, or from the earth
I wonder if Kissy dug it up, sensing I needed to see Tommy
Or, did he catch it outside when it fell from heaven?

It doesn't matter now, I 'see' the dragonfly
It's message is clear, it's too much of a coincidence
For it to happen as I wrote about Tommy, and a dragonfly

For one to appear to me in those moments
I wonder?  Can you see the dragonfly or is it
Wishful thinking, do you think I'm seeing one because I want to?


  1. That is strange!! You were writing about Tommmy and dragon flies and then there one appears!! I don't think it is a coinincidence--that is the power of your feelings for you son--Tommy! Who knows what else might come up? One never knows! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. I couldn't believe it happened just several words after I wrote them! Granny Gee/Gloria :)))