Friday, January 18, 2013

Like A Drunken Jumping Jack With Binoculars ... SNOW!

I took these photos while we were out last night... trying to 'capture the snow as I saw it'... these photos look nothing like what I saw with my 'binoculars.'  Granny Gee/Gloria :)))

Like A Drunken Jumping Jack With Binoculars... SNOW!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Last night, we got our first snow of the year!  It wasn't a lot of snow, but... while it was falling... it was wonderful!  'It looked like it was going to snow forever ... thick, beautiful, white ... nature was really outdoing herself for a little while, here.'

We were out driving as it came down.  The flakes were huge, and the downfall thick, fluffy-looking as it hit our windshield.  In the lights of my truck ... there was quite a show going on!

The wind was blowing the snow from one direction to the other ... trees would block the snow's fall ... for brief moments, making it appear that it wasn't snowing hard... when in fact, it was!

I wanted to see 'into' the snow!  How could I do that, I wondered?  I wanted to 'watch it forever'.

I told Skip that I ... so, wished I had something like a huge snow globe... where it snowed forever ... not just when one shook it up!  I wanted to be able to 'stand there as long as I wanted to ... to watch it snow, without it stopping.'

When I say that, this is from a person who has been in real blizzards, real storms of all kinds .... I mean it in a different way.  I have seen it snow all I wanted to ... but, not like ... I want to.

I'll give you an idea of what I mean.  Last night, Skip was driving, I was free to watch it snowing ... but, I didn't want 'to just watch'... I wanted to 'really see it', to really 'feel it'.  How could I do that?

Well, I accomplished the first, I was already too cold to accomplish the second ... I really didn't 'want to feel it.'  :)))  I'll tell you what I did, and I did it without thinking ... when I became aware of what I was doing... I felt like a child.

Picture this.... I began cupping my hands in 'binocular' fashion... to concentrate on the snow flying toward the windshield.  Oh, how beautiful it was!

Thick, white snow coming toward the windshield, the wipers pushing it off as it made contact.  'Never-ending snow'... I didn't want it to end.  I became frustrated because I wanted to watch it 'forever.'

The snow was mesmerizing ... I felt like I was hynotized as I watched it... I wanted it to last, and last... and last.

I had leaned all around in my seat to watch it with my 'binoculars.'  I never thought of how I looked to Skip as I did that!  I may have looked like a drunken jumping jack in a box... leaning all around from the waist!

If so, then... this jumping jack enjoyed watching it snow!  I wish I had 'something' ... that I could watch it snow 'all I wanted it to', I could sit as long as I wanted to ... to watch it.

I wish I could 'get lost' in it, come back when I was ready to.  I've never heard of such a thing (of course!  I never hear of 'such a thing' when I wish for some things!)

Skip suggested a snow globe.  "No, Skip, I don't want a snow globe, I would have to keep shaking it up, to make it snow."  Why wouldn't I want to do that?

Because.... this is most important... I don't want anything to break up my focus, my concentration so, when I 'enter the snow world'... I don't 'come back here... until I'm ready to!'


  1. I would love the feeling of snow falling on my face (well if I didn't have to freeze) and to be able to run and play in snow would be wonderful.

    Love Mary ♥

    1. :))) I love all of that... but, I'm not a good sport when it comes to a snowball 'fight'... I don't like to hit others, and I 'get mad' if I'm hit ... especially if the snowball gets into my hair! :))) Love, Gloria

  2. I too like to watch it falling! I like to make a snowman too. I don't like to be in the cold to do that though. I bet you did look a sight to Skip! I can just see you now with your makeshift "binoculars". The snow was fun but it is gone now. Maybe we will get more later and I can make snow cream! Love, Ms Nancy