Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thank You, Ms Nancy...You Didn't Care About My Mistakes

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Thank You, Ms Nancy... You Didn't Care About My Mistakes
Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Skip and I decided to call Ms Nancy, arrange to meet her for breakfast this morning.

Ms Nancy is my childhood friend, all through the years... she is always the same.  She never acts any differently no matter how long it's been since I've seen her.

She never forgets me no matter if I move away, come back years later.  It may not matter to other people... but, to me... it means the world.  She doesn't do like people will sometimes, do.... speak one day... turn their back on you the next day.

I 'never forget' people who do that to me... never.  That's because it hurts... not only that... the pain never goes away.

Ms Nancy and I made a deal.  She ordered my first published book 'When She's Good... She's Good... she wanted me to write in it for her.  I told her that I'd be glad to, in fact... I was honored to do it.

I told her that I had ordered three books... one for Skip, one for me... one to go into Tommy's Chest.  She was talking about ordering two more books, one for her mother, one for her daughter.

We made a deal, Ms Nancy was going to give me my first book since hers had already come... to make it special.  I was going to give her the three books I had ordered, write in them to her, her mother, and her daughter.

The books came, and we arranged the swap.  We met at Hardee's for breakfast, and she presented me with my own first published book, and I gave her the three books I'd just gotten.  One for her, one for Elaine (her mother whom I've known since being a little girl), and one for her daughter, JoAnn (she loves animals just like I do!).

I won't tell you how old Ms Nancy is, but... like me... she had a birthday not too long ago.  Do you know we sat there talking I was thinking... for our age... I don't think we look 'old'.  I know my eyes look 'tired' all the time... but, we all 'know why'... grief will do that to a mother... it never goes away.  It just never goes away.......

Ms Nancy looks 'like Ms Nancy'... amazing.  I sat, looked at my childhood friend, thinking how good she looked.  I commented to her that it just seems people 'our age' don't look the age they are 'now'.  Amazing.....

Our breakfast was very enjoyable.  Skip, Ms Nancy and I sat, laughed and talked for some time.  When it was time to go, I hugged her goodbye.  I have to mention the beautiful pink jacket she had on... I really love that color... sort of a rose color, I think.

Thank you for presenting to me ... my own first published book.  Thank you for not caring... when I tried to point out a couple of mistakes in it... that was a special moment.

You didn't care... it meant a lot to me.  I can imagine some people 'looking for them'.  :)))  A real friend doesn't go looking for the other's mistakes, they understand... move on.  You know I'm not perfect... and it doesn't matter.

Thank you, Ms Nancy, for being there.  Love, Gloria


  1. A real friend will love you no matter what!!! We all make mistakes. I once heard a man say, "when people quit making mistakes, they will quit making erasers"! If I see a mistake in your writing, as your friend, I will tell you about it so you can correct it. I would expect the same from you. That is what friends do. Then we go on. I don't "look" for mistakes but if I see any, I will tell you. It was sooo good to see you this morning! Thank you for my breakfast! Next time it will be on me. I will do the honors! Gloria, I loved you as a child and I love you now!! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. I didn't leave Skip out on purpose! Please tell Skip thank you for my breakfast too! I think I got carried away with all this! Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. We both enjoyed so much seeing you, Ms Nancy. It just felt so nice sitting there talking to you. Love, Gloria :)))

    2. I enjoyed seeing you and Skip too! It had been too long since we have seen each other! We need to get together again soon. We shouldn't wait so long for our next visit! Love, Ms. Nancy

  3. You live life to the fullest. I admire your personality as well.

  4. I find mistakes in everything I write and in everything I read. I can't help it. Even my Bible has editorial comments in the margin :) Most people write with a pen or a keyboard. You write with your heart, and no matter how many mistakes you make, you can't erase the emotion you evoke from your readers. And for that reason I think you are a phenomenal writer.

    1. See, that's 'why' I go ahead and tell everyone... that I'm not perfect, so... they can have a chance to know it, and not waste their time to find it out!

      It's like with drawing, painting... I put my 'all' in it... and I can look straight at my little mistakes... I just always hope they 'don't get in the way' of what I'm trying to portray, be it a picture... or with words. I even point them out... so, no one will be fooled into thinking I'm something I'm not.

      Oh, Theresa, your words mean so much to me! Love, Gloria Thank you!