Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Love You, Taban... Granny Gee Loves you Most

Gloria Faye Brown Bates, as a young mother with her son, Tommy.

I Love You, Taban... Granny Gee Loves You Most

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Skip and I have been gone most of the day.  Tomorrow will be another 'running' day.  Appointments, errands to get behind us... once again.  It's that time of year for scans, tests for both Skip and I... to make sure nothing has changed as we both are cancer survivors.  

This evening when we got home, Skip got out to get the mail from our mailbox.  I thumbed through the mail... I came across an envelope addressed to me from... guess who?

I began smiling... in my mind I began hearing a little boy saying, "I love you most, Granny Gee!"  That is what Taban told me the last couple of times I talked with him on the phone.  

Can you imagine the warmth I felt in my heart, hearing my little grandson say, "I love you most, Granny Gee"...   

It's like someone putting more wood in the fireplace... sitting back to watch the fire burn merrily, 'snap, crackle, pop'... feeling the pure warmth that radiates from it.  That's what love feels like... warmth from a fireplace.

When we came inside, I sat down, opened the envelope with the letter opener.  Inside ... I found 3 photos of a precious little boy who has my heart... who isn't even aware that he does.  He has no idea of the love 'from this direction' for him... his Granny Gee.

There was a bookmark with his photo on it... I put it up on the refrigerator so, I could see it every time I open the door.  There were 2 pictures he drew for me... a Santa Claus, and a Snowflake.

There were also, 3 photographs that I stop to hold, look at, smile at.  My little grandson, my precious little grandson... my son's son... Tommy's son.  

This little boy that smiles out from the photos... looks like a little boy I used to have when I was a young mother.  The little boy looks just like his daddy who was ... Granny Gee's little boy.

It's so strange... I feel like I 'see Tommy'.   I see a face I know so well... his little smile.  I can't explain it.... looking at the photos make me smile ... through diamond teardrops.  When I look at the photos, they each are 'framed in diamond teardrops' when I look through my eyes... my 'diamond' teardrops.

I would like to have a 'diamond teardrop frame' to put Tommy's photo in.  I would have light on it.. so, it would shine forever.  In fact, I would like several diamond teardrop frames to put photos in... don't you think that a beautiful idea?

Maybe... one day I can design a 'Grieving Mother's Ring'... and a 'Diamond Teardrops' photo frame... design them with cubic zirconia so, they could be affordable by anyone.  

These are ideas I have in the back of my mind... depending on how well my books 'do one day'... I want to design something that has meaning to a ... grieving mother.  Something that she can touch, that has special meaning... the shine from the 'diamonds' making it more special.

I was sitting here... I realized that I'm sitting here, smiling... in my mind I hear a precious little boy saying... 'I love you most, Granny Gee'.  No one knows but, me... how amazed I am to hear a little boy say that to me... not just any little boy, but... one who happens to be my grandson, Tommy's son...

Granny Gee loves you, too... Taban.  Granny Gee loves you most!

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  1. I could just see your heart melting when you got those pictures of Taban! I am so glad things are looking a little better and that Taban is trying to stay in touch with you. I think that is a good sign! I also think he knows you love him so very much! We all know you love your grandchildren with your very heart and soul. I know you do and others should know you do. Love, Ms. Nancy