Wednesday, April 10, 2013

She's All I Got To Represent 'Me' In This Whole World Now...

She's All I Got To Represent 'Me' In This Whole World Now...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee... the 'Older Woman In The Mirror'....

I was thinking... as I looked at the photos of myself... there's something missing in my ...face.  It seems like I should have darker eyebrows, and a lot of make-up on.

I decided to ask all of you... what do you suggest?  I don't want to wear a 'whole lot' of make-up... I don't want to look like a happy-colored clown, though ...I do like them!  :)))

I don't want to look like the scary movie actress.. who was even more scarier with her makeup... I think it was a movie about a salesman going to this house... and the farmer's daughter wanted a man....

I don't know how to handle the 'red eyes' from the allergies I suffer so much with at present... today, was especially rough.  When outside, it's hard to keep my eyes open ... pollen, bright sunshine.  I love the sunshine!   I have been accused of 'smoking something'... oh no!  I may look the part, but... I don't, ha!  I don't drink, smoke, nor do drugs... but, I do like good foods... and am prone to gaining weight.

Oh... can you see my big amethyst birthstone ring?  That's the ring I 'earned' by going to truck driving school!!!  Skip got it for me, I was so happy!  I was so happy to drive a big rig, too!

I can't tell you how happy I was to see 'me' yesterday... to see a twinkle in my eyes, and a smile that even I ... recognized.  I can't seem to get quite used to the 'older woman' in the mirror that I greet every morning when I get up.

Truthfully, the 'older woman in the mirror' who happens to be 'me'... is a 'miracle'... it's a wonder she's here at all.  So, I'm thankful for her... she's all I got to 'represent me' in this whole world now.  :)))

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  1. Maybe just a little bit of eye make-up. Not to much because I may not recognize you! You are a beautiful person so why mess that up? Now let's see what others think! Love, Ms. Nancy