Friday, April 26, 2013

The Games People Play... I Have Kicked The Habit! Pass The Garlic Salt, Please!

Garlic Cloves I Purchased For... My New Habit!

The Games People Play... I Have Kicked The Habit!  Pass The Garlic Salt, Please!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Yesterday, I wrote about being 'tricked' at McDonald's here in our town.  It's no big deal... but, you know how it is when you keep seeing someone's face in your mind... thinking they've 'fooled you'.

I keep seeing the little, short Spanish lady's face in my mind... her expression of 'waiting, to see if I believed her'.  :)))  I, also, keep seeing her irritated expression... when I told her that I'd requested the fish sandwich to be prepared 'fresh, hot'.

Some people eat once a day... when they go out to order their meal cooked... they have the right to expect it to be hot.  I wanted it to be 'just right'... I was thinking about Tommy.

Sometimes, we have to 'do things the way someone else 'finds it convenient for them'... not... what we want'.

She didn't like that at all.  So... she 'played a game'... she thought I wouldn't know... she walked 'back there'... waited a couple of minutes... brought that same sandwich back to me.  I'm glad I wasn't in a 'Gloria Mood'... because no matter how nice I always try to be... I'm not perfect at all.  She was 'spared'... because sometimes....

I stood there a moment looking at the sandwich, debating on saying something... or 'letting it go'.  I decided 'to play the game'... after all, I am a person... so, I 'played the game', too.  I thanked her with a sweet, little smile... she looked at me.... 'wondering if I knew'.

I smiled bigger, took my tray and... walked off.  I almost turned around, to take it back... but, I'm proud that I didn't.  I was feeling 'white, hot anger'.

I made myself keep smiling as I sat down in view of the lady, and the cashier who'd just served me.  I would look up, they would be looking.  :)))  All they saw from me was my 'sweet Gloria Smile'... it wasn't worth hurting anyone's feelings... at least 'not today'..... :)))

They probably thought I was some dumb woman who was fooled easily... it's okay.  I remember them... and 'next time'... will be 'fun'!  I won't allow it to happen 'next time'... I went to McDonald's to order a 'double-fish sandwich with cheese'... out of memory for Tommy.  Skip and I do that at times... Tommy loved them.


I wanted to let everyone know that as soon as I developed an addiction to something at this 'late day, and time'... I have kicked the habit!

You know how 'the number 3'... is always significant in my life?  The 3rd time's out... three is 'the' number with me.  Well....

I wrote about developing an addiction to something not long ago.  I wanted more, and more......... and more of it.  I was truly hooked on it.  I couldn't believe that 'here I am at this age and time'... getting addicted to something!

It was roasted garlic cloves!  Oh my, the first time I tasted such a thing... I wanted more.  I began to think about the delicate, nutty, creamy flavor of roasted garlic cloves... how it felt to squeeze the wonderful creaminess out of the 'paper shell'..... into my mouth!  So wonderfully... good!

You know how it is... when you've been 'hooked by something'... you've got to have it... want some more of it... it stays on your mind. I was addicted.... to that beautiful flavor.  Who would have known?  I'd been reading recipes... all of a sudden for the first time in my life... reading about 'roasted garlic cloves'... appealed to me!  I began to ...imagine, dream!

The first time I ate them was... pure ecstasy.  Oh my goodness.. the delicate flavor hooked me the very first time.

The second time... wasn't like the first time.  I 'must have done something differently'... 'but, what?'

The third time... 'was it!'  I wasn't addicted, I wasn't hooked any longer to.... roasted garlic cloves!   Nope, no more can do!  No longer does... roasted garlic cloves... appeal to me!

I have kicked my new habit... to the curb.  If I want garlic flavor, I will simply sprinkle a few grains of ...garlic salt.  So, much easier!  Do you know how much trouble it was to constantly 'peel off a paper shell' that protects the garlic clove inside?  Pass the garlic salt, please!

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  1. I love garlic myself!!! I normally put it on a piece of bread and toast it to make "garlic toast"! I love that with spagehetti! I also eat it with other foods. Maybe next time you order that fish sandwich, things will go better for you. They should not have served you a sandwhich that is not fresh---no sandwich of any kind should be cold. If you ask for a fresh sandwich, you should get a fresh sandwich. Love, Ms. Nancy