Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We Are Going To Be A Damn Cracker Before We Know It!

We Are Going To Be A Damn Cracker Before We Know It!

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We Are Going To Be A Damn Cracker Before We Know It…
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee
4-20-2013 076
I was just reading another article that makes me think we really are going to be a cracker before we know it. I’m sitting here thinking I don’t want to be ‘damn’… (yes, I know I said ‘damn’, once again… I have the right to say it… just read back in my stories!)… damn cracker.
Why? Because I don’t want anyone to be eating on me! I can’t imagine anyone spreading peanut butter between crackers… that are ‘me’! Then… bite me!
I knew when I was a young girl that the movie ‘Soylent Green’ made little alarms go off in my mind! I knew it! I knew by the time I got ‘old’… probably old people would be turned into crackers… to be eaten by the whole world! I knew it!
I just read an article about a ‘mock’ petition being signed by younger people… to euthanize ‘old’ people to lower healthcare cost. Here’s the link:
Guess what? People were ready to sign the mock petition… they wanted the old people out of the way…
Okay, what would happen next? Yes, you guessed right… they wouldn’t want to waste all of ‘us old people’… so, what could they do with them? ‘Old people’ are already thought to be ‘dry, airy, light’. Why, they’d turn us all into crackers! ‘We’ are already part of the way ‘done’!!!
Now, can you imagine apologizing to your grandma, grandpa… great-grandma, great-grandpa… saying, ‘I’m so sorry I’ve got to eat you, granny, I’m hungry! If your grandchild never liked you, he’d say, ‘I’m gonna eat your ass’! Lord, only knows what people would say, do …when eating someone else’s grandpa, grandma!
Skip said if this ever becomes a reality, and he’s still around… he would like two dozen Barbara Eden crackers! That Skip! :) ))
Can you see all of us…. ‘old people’… packaged up in pretty boxes, each with our own name on them? I would want my box to be a very happy, colored box inviting people to eat me.
Oh no! I’m ‘old’, even I was wanting to be a cracker in a happy-colored box! Just to be in a happy-colored box… I’d be a cracker!
No way! If you see a box with my name on it… you better not bite me, think you can chew me up…. swallow me. I’m going to make you sick! I mean it!
I’m worried now, because…. we are going to be a damn cracker before we know it!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Everything Will Be Alright...

Everything Will Be Alright...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Skip and I were talking tonight as I have been updating all on Camie... about how good people have been, and are being helping us get Camie the care she needs for her recovery.

I sit here, thinking of how thankful I am... I was looking back at how far we've come with her... do you know?  There's no way we had extra money to pay for all this care so far, and all that is ahead.

We have two Pups, already... and Skip has been very sick... I haven't been well... gracious.  What would we have done without you?  I kept thinking that all I could have done is sit, cry... watch this precious little puppy die... I couldn't have comforted her... her skin was 'open'... it couldn't have been touched at all.

Camie's angel stepped in, sent money to Camie's vet... then... all of you began stepping in, and are still helping.  Can you imagine how I am feeling?  The thankfulness, gratitude is more than I know how to put in words.  My eyes, my heart fill with tears... Thank-you, thank-you all from my very Heart... from Skip's very Heart.

If you can even feel..sense from my words how I feel... you will feel such powerful emotion.

This precious little puppy has bonded with us, we with her.  She has her 'always' home and family, now.  She is in a place where she is special... and guess what?  She is knowing it... I really believe she is showing signs of... being spoiled.  :)))

We talked about something else... some of you have mentioned it.  I know you are right in what you said.  Most of you know that everyday of my life I grieve for the loss of my only child, my son... Tommy.  It's a part of my every waking moment... I cry for him in my heart ... sometimes, I just can't bear the pain.

I have friends who have lost their child... they understand so well... I understand so well... it's really very hard to when you haven't experienced the death of a child.  Anyway... I can't tell you the grief in my Heart.

Since I rescued this little puppy... she's made such a difference in my life... I think she's rescued me, also.  The past 27 days of focusing on her, feeling her pain, seeing... hearing her cry... has completely kept me occupied.  I've even slept only several feet from her to make sure I hear her... to let her go outside.

I've been in another world... filled with pain... lots of physical... and mental pain, grief.  Grief over this little puppy I thought had died... only to find out time was wasted... and she'd been laying... dying for three days.  I felt such emotion... and anger was in my heart, also.

I pulled a muscle when I carried her from where she lay dying... I felt that extra pain for several weeks while I cared for her.  It was bad, but, I couldn't stop... she needed me.  Then... I took the bad fall... I've been in extra pain since, :)))  I still didn't let it stop me from caring for her.

I have to live in pain every moment of my life as it is... from past surgeries... I don't take anything for it... it's rare that I do.

Somehow, I've learned to cope with it... it's when the 'extra pain' happens ... that I can't cope with... I will try Aleve for it.

The point is... it seemed 'everything was trying to happen at the same time as I was caring for Camie... to make my every moment be filled with such excruciating pain'... mental, physical.

Not only that... I've have been so upset, worried for Skip.  He suffered a stroke months ago... I know you all remember when I was so afraid.  He's been very, very sick lately... his blood pressure, his blood sugar.

I was thinking about all of this tonight... I've been watching Camie all evening.  Everything she has done has tugged at my very Heart.  She 'put herself to bed'... she ran down the hall, jumped on the bed and snuggled up in the blankets I have for her... (I mean she makes a big production as if it means the world to her), goes to sleep.  She looks so peaceful.  The bedcovers comfort her... us being near her... comforts her.

I grieve for Tommy... but, somehow... this one little puppy needed me to help her... somehow... it has helped me.  I don't know how to describe it.  I just know that ... Camie has made a difference in my life... in our life.  It's a special difference.

Thank-you so much for helping Camie... helping, making it possible for me to get her well.  I know it's going to take more time... but, I'm going to be right there for her making sure she gets her medicines faithfully, and treatments.  I need her... as much as she needs me.

Can you see why... I have so much to feel such overwhelming gratitude for?  No matter the pain... I've made it this far.  :)))  Today, both Skip and I feel better... and I feel everything is going to be alright.

Thank all of you from my Heart.  Love, Gloria/Granny Gee :)))

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Feel No Comfort... Whatsoever

Feel No Comfort ... Whatsoever
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Hi, how are you doing?  It's nice to see you
No, it's really not nice to see you
I've been very, very angry at you, I ... hate you

I've been mad at you for sometime
Don't you realize what you did to a little puppy?
Oh... I didn't know that; oh, oh... oh

It's strange how angry I was each time I saw you
But, when I talked to you, I realized I still liked you
I didn't know that... Really?  Oh, my...

I have to let go... it's water under the bridge
It's flowed to somewhere far away
I can forgive now... no, I won't hate you anymore

I didn't know all that... though, what happened is more than bad
Though, I still see where you were wrong... somehow
I understand...  a little puppy suffered almost to death

Why don't I hate you now... somehow, I don't
I knew you loved her dearly... I won't say anything else
Because it wasn't you, you couldn't be in two places at once

She's healing now... I am focused on the present
I can't look back, I won't be mad at you any longer
It's okay, you can speak to her now, I know she loved you

I can't say anymore now... everything's okay
The little puppy's going to be alright, forgiveness came
A wrong... has been made right... at least peace of mind

A message to people who aren't responsible pet owners
Find a loving home for your animals
Don't put them through suffering, pain

You don't need animals if you won't care for them
They need to be loved, fed... watered
Give them to someone who'll love them, if you can't

People see you when you think they don't
They know if you are good, or bad
When it comes to your pets, they know

Once they see you mistreat your animals
They never look at you the same
In fact, if they are like me ... they hope you get the same treatment

You should get to feel the pain you wreak on a living soul
Burn, bleed, ooze clear fluid from your skin
Be trapped in a fence with no space, always too cold, hot

If I could... I'd help you know how it feels to suffer
Watch you as you got to know, realize what you've done
Listen to you whine, cry, scream... because you hurt

Yes, I believe in some instances... an eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth... suffer, you bad person, you fool
Suffer for all the grief, pain you inflicted on innocent souls

Live in your little, cramped up space
Feel no comfort whatsoever, live in your hell
For hurting another living soul... until you realize

What you've done, cry from knowing how it feels
Be free now... because you'll never want to cause hurt again
You'll know how to treat a person, an animal... in pain


Note:  I wrote this to release anger, pain, grief at what happened to Precious Camie.  I've learned enough to know that I can 'let go' of the anger, hate I had in this situation... toward the one person I felt it toward.  That water has traveled under the bridge... there's still water 'trapped in a pool'.......

Yes, I wrote this... I've watched, listened, smelled 'firsthand' of 'what someone did' to a little innocent living soul.  I felt more emotions than my words can possibly say... these words don't even touch what I've been feeling......... inside.  Shame on you...

I tell you all the time that I'm not perfect.... I feel bad thoughts, feel anger toward things that aren't right in this world that I thought as a young person... I 'could save'.  I found out that I couldn't... but.. at this time... I've saved this one puppy with the help of many people who have fallen in love with her, cared for her, prayed for her, sent good thoughts to her... and donated money for her medical care.

This is a side of me that is my 'Ugly Side of Gloria'.. a person who is passionate about people, animals being treated with dignity, respect, love.... if not love... then, kindness.  Give when you can... care all the time.  Just a positive thought, prayer can.... create miracles.

At this age, I have learned that... these things are the secrets to life.... we are always searching in life for its meaning... and always... we overlook these things until we 'are old enough'... to know.  Everything you give, be it love or material things... will always come back to you.

How well I know.... even with all the 'bad' in my life... I've seen such miracles, special things happen.  Do you see 'why'.... I always say .... 'Everything is going to be alright'?  Because no matter how bad... it will be.

The 'Bad Side' of me is... I feel terrible anger, even hate... frustration, grief, pain... the most awful feelings toward whomever, whatever.... that is responsible for causing pain, grief to all living things that don't deserve such.  I told you I'm not perfect.... this is 'why' I'm an imperfect 'Granny Gee'.  Love.... is the key to all things... good or bad.  Yes... I know.... sometimes, things seem impossible; are impossible.  I know that, too.  I have no answer for that... I'm still learning life, too.

I hope you don't hate my 'bad side', hate me... but... if you do... I'm not apologizing. I'll hold my ground to death on this one.  If I could... I'd put a magic spell on this big, old world... I would, you would... anyone would love others, animals.................... whether they wanted to, or not.  This is one of my passions in life.  If no one likes it... you might not be a nice person.

Friday, July 26, 2013

She Knew She Was... Home

She Knew She Was ... Home
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

A little puppy left alone dying, discarded like trash
On the cold, wet ground as she lay listening to sounds around
Of children who ran, played, laughed... who used to play with her
Children who knew she was there... who pretended she wasn't there
The little puppy whimpered, cried for a kind hand to touch its head

No one came to hold, comfort the little puppy who was left to die
In the puppy's mind it remembered a person who always fed it
When she visited her, played with her Pups... she wished for that lady
Somehow, her little body got up on its four feet, walked the distance
To the lady's home just as... the woman came out on the porch

The lady cried out for her... she ran in the house to get something
For the puppy to eat... the puppy made it back to its dying spot
On that cold, wet ground... she didn't wait for the lady to come back
Soon, she heard voices coming close; she heard the woman's voice
Then, she was standing there calling her name... 'Camo, Camo'

The little puppy heard the sweet, kind voice that she loved
The voice of the woman who made her feel special, loved
She didn't know the woman had cried many tears for her
Saw her a short time ago; called on her cell phone to ask for her
She didn't know she was the woman's puppy now

The woman spoke quietly to the puppy, then, reached down for her
Took her bleeding, wet body into her arms
Began walking with difficulty toward her home
She heard the woman cry softly, say... 'Oh God, please give me the strength to get this puppy home
The woman had to put her down several times on the ground

She heard the woman say, 'I'll crawl with you, and get you home'
Her little body lay half on the ground, half in the woman's arms
The woman saw maggots fall from the puppy's body
Her heart squeezed in such pain... why, would people do this
To a little, precious, innocent person?  Why?

Soon, days begin going by in a blur, the little puppy too sick to know
That she was going to live... prayers, good thoughts from her friends
Facebook Friends on her own special page... who fell in love with her
Prayers that heal, thoughts traveling to her filled with caring
The little puppy began to come alive once again... with hope to be loved, wanted

She watched through her little eyes that were so weak, sick
The woman who rescued her, do many things to make her feel better
Even to publicly ask for financial help to pay her medical bills
Something the woman could have never done before
But... for this little puppy ... she did, put her pride aside

As time went by, the little puppy's eyes began to clear
She began to really look, to feel that yes, she was special
Someone wanted her, cared for her... even if she made a sound
Somebody would run to her, to see if she was okay
Now... she knew she was the woman's puppy... she knew she was home


Come visit Camie's Facebook page... follow her progress... see her little body heal.  Watch as she morphs into a ... no, not beautiful butterfly!  But, to a beautiful, happy Puppy....  :)))

Camie is safe now.  She has Skip and I, and our 2 Pups... we are her family now... and we will love, protect her always.

Come be one of her Facebook Friends... you don't have give money to be her friend.... maybe just add your prayer along with many others... prayers heal, work... they create miracles.  Watch what prayers, good thoughts and love, and medicine will do ... follow Camie... see it with your own eyes.  I post photos, updates every day.

Today... is going to be her 'spa' day.... come to see later... how her day at 'Camie's Spa' went.... :)))  This is where she gets the special treatment for her skin... where she gets pampered....  Below... is the link to follow her....    Precious Camo  (Camie's name was Camo, until her Angel in another country.... named her Camie.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Learned I Had A Fighting Spirit...

I Learned I Had A Fighting Spirit...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I sat underneath the curtain of leaves, frozen to one spot.  I couldn't move... I didn't even blink my eyes.  In my mind ... I wasn't there... in reality, I was.

I made myself keep breathing... as softly as possible.  I didn't want to be seen, I didn't want to be heard.  I did NOT want to be there!

I was playing hide and seek... I succeeded in finding the perfect hiding place.  I sat there with my smug little smile while thinking to myself... I won't never be found.

I was in the garden... inside the curtain of green beans... the curtain grew up on one side... over the wire in the middle... hanging down to the ground on the other side.

I stayed quiet; I was peeking out of my hiding place to see where my cousin was.  He was yelling, 'come out, come out... wherever you are'!  I wasn't revealing myself... he was going to have to find me.  I liked to hide... I didn't like to seek!

Now... I was in a situation... I wanted to come out, give up, be found... I couldn't.  I couldn't even find my voice to scream!  I sat frozen in place staring right into a foot-long preying mantis's big eyes!

I felt faint... I wanted to run.  If I ran, that thing could jump on me!  I was a little girl... it was 'bigger than me'!  I sat there staring at him... he stared at me.  He didn't blink an eye... but, he turned his head.

He looked so intelligent... I knew he could tell what I was thinking.  He was sitting in the curtain of leaves... blocking my path.  I couldn't make a noise... he would jump into my mouth.  I just knew he would!

'Help!'  I kept screaming in my mind.  No one could hear me... 'help!'  I could see my cousin standing not far from me... I wanted to hit the leaves with my foot, or my hand to get his attention.  That preying mantis would jump all over me if I did!

I felt something begin to rise in me... something that was soon becoming more familiar to me the longer I stayed in Hell... at my Grandma Alma, George's home.

It felt like anger... mixed with fear.  I felt mad because something had me trapped when I wanted to go.  The longer I sat there, the more angry I became.  Damn!  There goes that word again... it was a 'damn' situation!

I had learned to cuss good living at Grandma Alma, and George's.  I knew good words by this time.  I was thinking 'I'm going to get the hell outta of here'!  (Of course, cussing isn't a good thing in a little girl's vocabulary!  You would have cussed, too... if you lived in Hell!)

The next thing I knew... I began slinging my little fists, wanting to fight a bear.  I would whip its ass... I meant to come out of my 'trap'.

Come out, I did!  I busted through those green leaves, they flew everywhere, and I was screaming like a banshee!  "I can't take it any more'!

When I came out of the green leaves that fast... I scared my cousin, he ran like hell.  I fell on the ground in hysterics... still seeing that preying mantis in my mind, and laughing like crazy.  I'd never seen my cousin run like that.  I scared him to death!

I had torn up the green bean vines in Grandma Alma's garden... but, I came out of there.  I was learning that when something cornered me... I... WAS going to come out.

I didn't know I was learning I had ... a fighting spirit.  One that would carry me through many battles as I grew up.  I would fight a bear, a monster even knowing it'd 'kill me'... if I had to.  I was learning to hold my ground... not run, even if I was afraid.

Before I came to Hell as a little girl, I never had to fight battles.  I wore pretty clothes, shoes.  My hair was fixed pretty... I could bathe in a pure white bathtub with warm water... nothing jumped on me when I'd begin my walk to the bathroom at night-time.

Living in Hell... at Grandma Alma, George's .... I began to learn to fight to survive.  I learned by watching, hearing the blows as fights would break out any minute.  There was never any peace there.  I've never known complete 'peace of mind' in my entire life.

I look back, and I can almost 'know' exactly when my fighting spirit kicked in.  A little child, a little girl... had to learn to fight to hold her ground... though at that age... this little girl didn't know what it was called.

I would have fought that preying mantis, tooth for tooth.  I never saw it again... it disappeared back into the green leaves.  It WAS green... that's why I never saw it until... I met it ... eye to eye.

I was ready for it... it was flight or fight... I was ready to fight.  Imagine a little girl ready to fight... long hair, little sweet,cherub face, wearing a dress, barefooted.  I should have been playing with my dolls, tea set, toys... somehow, in the shuffle of life... all my treasured possessions were lost, never to be found.

I had begun to learn how to feel anger as that little girl... I didn't know the name of what was happening when I was cornered, or had to take up for myself, then.  Through the years I learned that I had a... fighting spirit.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On This Side Of The Fence...

On This Side Of The Fence...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

The month of July has been quite an unusual month for me, us.  It has been another month of tears, darkness for me.  It began on the first of July.......

I began to miss a precious little puppy who would come to visit our Pups.  She'd come in the evenings, mornings... to eat food out of the bowl I'd set out for her.  She would run up, down the fenced-in yard with our Pups... on the outside of the fence.  They would run with her ... on this side of the fence.

I would stand, watch her.  I would think how sad for a little puppy to be without a fenced-in yard to keep her safe from bigger animals at night.  I worried for this little puppy...  soon, male dogs would be after her... where would she run to get away?  Wild animals came into her yard at night... to steal any food left out for her.

Now... the little puppy is 'on this side of the fence'.  She in our care, and she's protected... she is very ill.  She has demodectic mange.  I've written about her... her name is Camie, now.  She was called 'Camo'.  She has a Facebook page... Precious Camo.  This is the link to it... come be her friend.

I stayed upset over her when she didn't come anymore.  You can read 'why' in my last several posts.  I thought she had died... then, I happened to go outside on the porch at the right time... when she... appeared... only to disappear once again.

This time, I didn't waste anytime... I went looking for her... and found her.  She was dying...

I carried her little body in both my arms... I could barely carry her, had to keep putting her down... somehow, I made it back to the house.  My prayer was answered... my prayer was 'Please God give me the strength to get her home'.

I cried from the pain of struggling to get her back to our home.  Finally... I came to our fence, stood there for a moment after putting her on the ground.  I thanked God in my mind for helping me get her home.  Then, I opened the gate... and brought...

That little puppy 'on this side of the fence'.......

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Funny Pain...

Funny Pain...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Funny Pain...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I went flying out the door, arms flailing all over the place.  I was trying to stop myself... the harder I did... the harder I fell.  Damn!  (Yes, I said 'damn'... it was a 'damn' situation'... not only that, it hurt like ____').  Extra pain makes me feel anger... but, this pain made me cry today.  It hurt really bad.

The double doors swung abruptly open, the man came flailing out the door; his hat flew off.  He was trying to catch himself... to no avail.  He flew across the porch toward the post that held the roof up... struck the post, tried to hold on.

All was happening too fast, the pain was one stab after the other.  He tried to grab the post to hold on... his momentum was too great.  He struck the pole, his hands lost their grip... he flew down the steps, landing half-on, half-off onto the ground.  Damn... that cowboy had quite a punch!  He knocked this cowboy for a loop!

He stood up slowly, dazed... dirty from slapping the ground.  As he rose up... the pain spread through his body.  His wrist was cut in several places... the side of his foot hurt like some kind of bad.

Oh-hhh, how his knees hurt, the right one in particular.  He pulled his pants leg up... his right knee was bleeding.  It was scraped up... it was a wonder it didn't tear his pants.

This cowboy was hurt... this time, when he fell... he didn't look around to see 'who was looking'.  Because the pain was too great.  He began crying... actually, I began crying.

What happened today was easier to tell when I wrote 'about someone else' who wasn't me.  I didn't want to say how bad it hurt my body.  I stood there... crying.  It was 'serious' pain... I was really injured... and didn't want to be.

I began comparing what happened to me, in my mind.... to a scene out of an old western movie.  You know how the double doors burst open... and 'all hell breaks loose'... I was that cowboy!

Today, I took a nasty fall... it wasn't funny until... I began thinking about 'how I must have appeared' if someone saw me.  Through tears of pain... the vision of how all happened ... began to seem funny.  I couldn't smile, but, I did think I was suffering 'funny' pain.

Information To Where To Donate To Camie's Medical Care...

Information To Where To Donate To Camie's (Precious Camo) Medical Care:

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

This photo was taken yesterday when I bathed Cami in the special medicinal 'shampoo' for her skin.  I had a towel on my shoulder, she laid her head on it and snuggled up to me.  I felt the most special love for this little precious puppy.  She has Demodectic Mange... it's really bad, not easily healed, cured.

Camie laid under her layers of warm towels after her medicinal bath... slept peacefully for almost an hour.  I was so thankful to see her do that.  She's been shaking as if she were shaking water off her... indicating her skin is itching, hurting.  She cries out in pain... the other Pups, Skip and I run to her... it hurts our Hearts to hear her in pain.  This photo is taken when I took the towels off her very gently...

This is Camie under her towels... finally sleeping because the bath has made her skin feel better.  I let her sleep as long as she wanted to.  I made her ...her own spa.  I call it 'Camie's Spa'... this is where I bathe her... on the porch where it's very warm from the sun.  She lives inside with us... where she is comfortable.

Little Camie snuggled under her layer of warm towels.  She feels relief finally on her skin. 
This is 'Camie's Spa'.... where she gets her bath with special shampoo in the large tub that has warm water in it.  She has to stand there for 15 minutes to let the 'shampoo' stay on her skin.  When I get her out, I layer warm towels around her body to comfort, warm, dry her.  I hold her close to me, gently pat her little body... tell her I love her so much.

Several people have asked me where they could donate to Camie's medical care.  Below is the website... and the Facebook Page of Camie's vet.  The information to call them is there.

You can tell them it's the puppy that Gloria Bates rescued, named Camie (Precious Camo).  Camie has Demodectic Mange. 

They will accept your donation over the phone, put it on Camie's account.

Thank-you from my Heart for caring about Camie.  She has a long, hard road ahead to get well.  Thank-you for caring.

Gloria/aka Granny Gee


Facebook Page:  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm So Thankful To Have This Puppy... It Must Be Meant To Be

I'm So Thankful To Have This Puppy...  It Must Be Meant To Be
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Yesterday, I received in the mail... my second Copyright Certificate.  This one is for 'I CRY FOR TOMMY'.  Now... I have both certificates in my possession; both of my books are officially copyrighted.

Gloria Faye Brown BAR

Lately, as you know... most of my time has been in caring for Camie (Precious Camo), the little puppy I rescued.  Also, I had a pulled muscle from carrying Camie, when I rescued her... that really was quite painful for some time.  Skip has been very sick... he is better now, but... still sick.

Kissy and Chadwick both, are well.  I'm so thankful for that.  They both are used to Camie being in the house... sometimes, they will go lay down by the 'hospital area', near her.  They don't bark, growl at her.

It will be some time before Camie will be well enough to be able to play with them.  Her skin is in real bad condition... so sore.  She has demodectic mange... and it's a really bad condition.  Hers is worse for having laid on the cold, wet ground dying.

The photos I take of her show her condition.  I'll be so happy when you can begin to see such progress in her photos.  This precious little puppy has a very long, hard road to travel.  I hope you will constantly send prayers her way, and positive thoughts.

I mean to win this battle, make her get well.  I sleep short periods of time at night to watch over her... and let her out so, that she doesn't suffer extra waiting to 'go to the bathroom'.  She's housebroken, and won't 'go' inside.  She's a very smart puppy.

I'm so thankful to have this little puppy... it must be meant to be.  :)))

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Copyright Certificate.... Gloria Faye Brown Bates
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Copyright Certificate!!!   I received it in the mail today!  :))))))))))))))))))

Today I got my first Copyright Certificate in the mail from The Library Of Congress in Washington, D.C.  It's on my first book, 'When She's Good, She's Good'.

Now... I'm waiting for my 2nd Copyright Certificate on 'I CRY FOR TOMMY'.....

Below is my Copyright Certificate.  I wanted to share with everyone who has been 'there' for me.  I'm so proud of it.  :)))

Now... I am waiting for my 2nd Copyright Certificate for my book, 'I Cry For Tommy'.  This means so much to me.

I wish I could say I've gotten 'rich' off my books... to this date, I haven't received any royalties as of yet.  

I have to begin writing on 'The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild' once again.  For several weeks I haven't written... real life has kept me from writing... worrying about Skip, and then, my own health.... and rescuing little Camie/Camo, a little Aussie pup.  

I think she may not be purebred... but, who cares?  I didn't see such when I 'saw a little dying puppy no one cared about'... she's going to reflect so much beauty later.... from all the love she is getting not only from us... but, from all of you who have cared about her.  You all mean the world to me, thank-you.  

I want to tell you that I am going to write a children's book, also... about Camie.  I've been giving this book some deep thought.  I have decided on the name of my children's book.  It will be called.... 'Camie's Angel'.  

It will be a short story about a little puppy no one cared about... Camie's story.  Camie has an angel in her life who has cared about her from the very beginning.  In fact, since the vet's office called to say someone sent money to go on Camie's medical care... we now, know 'who' sent it now.  A special, special friend of ours... she was trying to be anonymous.  

Well... this story book will be in honor of our special friend, Camie's angel.  Someone who has been there for me since Tommy died.  She was Tommy's friend, first.  All through time, her quiet voice was there ... I could hear it because it was so quiet, caring.

Camie's Angel is going to be about her... she has made possible for Camie to receive more medical care than we could afford at this time.  Skip hasn't been well at all... and rescuing Camie, and what's going on in our life at present has been a little rough.  We will get through this.  Everything is going to be alright... no matter how bad... it's really going to be alright.

Camie's angel... you know who you are.  You mean the world to us... my children's book 'Camie's Angel' will be about you; dedicated to you.  Thank-you from my Heart for being there these past years.  Love, G   

PPS... I am also, going to work on in the future... a child's coloring book.  I will illustrate all the drawings.  As soon as all calms down in my household... Camie and Skip get well... my happiness will be my fuel to write!   For now, I'm like a balloon landed on the ground... all my air is gone.  Happiness will fill me out again... so, I can soar!

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Message From Precious Camo/Camie's Mommy...

A Message From Precious Camo/Camie's Mommy...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Photo: Not long ago, the girl at Louisburg Veterinary Clinic called.  She was almost in tears... and by the time she told me what had happened, I was full of emotion.  

She said someone overseas had called, donated anonymously some funds to help defray the cost of Camie's treatments that are ahead of her.  I stood there wanting to cry out of happiness.  

Thank-you from my very Heart.  The girl at the vet's office was so amazed.  She said she was so touched by someone doing this.  She wanted to call me to tell me as soon as possible.  

I am sitting here with such emotion inside.  I'm so grateful.  It's so difficult to believe how so many people have so much love for this little puppy.  She means the world to me... and to Skip.  Thank-you from my very Heart. Love, Granny Gee/Gloria  Camie's Mommy

Precious Camo/Camie's Mommy... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

A message from Precious Camo's /Camie's Mommy... Thank-you to the person who donated funds to Louisburg Veterinary Clinic for Camie's medical care. My Heart is so touched... and I sit here in amazement. I'm so grateful.
Not long ago, the girl at Louisburg Veterinary Clinic called. She was almost in tears... and by the time she told me what had happened, I was full of emotion.

She said someone overseas had called, donated anonymously some funds to help ...defray the cost of Camie's treatments that are ahead of her. I stood there wanting to cry out of happiness. 

Thank-you from my very Heart. The girl at the vet's office was so amazed. She said she was so touched by someone doing this. She wanted to call me to tell me as soon as possible. 

I am sitting here with such emotion inside. I'm so grateful. It's so difficult to believe how so many people have so much love for this little puppy. She means the world to me... and to Skip. Thank-you from my very Heart. Love, Camie's Mommy

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Precious Camo/Camie Is A Very Sick Puppy... (Tuesday PM Update... Day 13)

Precious Camo/Camie Is A Very Sick Puppy... (Tuesday Pm... Day 13)
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Status Update... Camo is resting comfortably... she had a big day at the animal hospital... lots of medicine, a special medicinal bath, injections; loving care.  Thank-you to Louisburg Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Fontenot and Staff...... I'm so glad we found you.  The photo above is of Camie tonight... she's such a sick little puppy.....


Precious Camo/Camie went to the animal hospital today (photos below... beautiful house that's purple).

Camie's 1st visit to vet ... Dr. Fontenot. What a nice place to take one's babies. He kept Camie most all day to do the things he needed to. 

Camie weighs 35 lbs. She is approximately 7 months old. She has a fever of 103.6, and is very sick.

Camie is very sick; the doctor stated that it'll take several months to get her well. We love her, whatever it takes we will try to get it done. We will take one visit at a time.

She is scheduled for an injection every Tuesday morning at 10:30 am for 4-8 weeks.

Camie can't get her surgery to be spayed at least for a month. She's too sick...

Camie has 3 bottles of medicine, and special medicated shampoo for her skin. I will bathe her once a week in the shampoo. The medicines she'll take every day.

She has demodectic mange; plus her little body got in worse condition by laying out on a cold, wet ground dying. When I rescued her, she had maggots falling off her.

Below are photos of her medicines, shampoo. Also, just the procedures done today... she has many more visits ahead to get her well.

We are thankful to the vet for caring for her today. They are very good there. You can see his name, website in the photos... I think you would be very happy to carry your pets to him.

We met a gentleman in there, while waiting to pick up Camie.... he rescues a lot of cats, dogs. He's been going to Dr. Fontenot for a long time.... the man told us how good he is... compassionate. We are thankful to have him for Camie's vet. His staff is very nice, also.

Dr. Fontenot comes out to talk, explain all. He takes time to do that... it meant a lot to us. Thank-you.

Okay.... you won't believe what breed she is! Mezza, you were half-right. :))) I was so amazed...... I have rescued a little...........................
Australian Shepherd puppy.

Dr. Fontenot said it will take at least 2 months to see her hair grow back, and see what she really looks like. :))) What a surprise to come! I'm amazed.... and I'm very excited to see how beautiful she's going to be. I knew her hair was 'two colors' in places.

Well... we all will see together... Camie blossom into a rose.... a beautiful little rose. Let the journey begin.......... I'm so happy you all are here to follow her. Your thoughts, and prayers are working... thank-you from my Heart.

You all mean the world to us. I know prayers work... that's why I won my battles when very ill. I believe in miracles. The same with Skip. We both are cancer survivors... so, we are miracles.

I can't wait to be able to put my arms around Camie to just hold her, and not hurt her. I know my Heart will fill with such joy.

For now... once a week when I use her medicinal shampoo... I'll get to hold her so gently when she's in her towels. So... every week she will go to her own personal 'Camie Spa'.... be pampered. You'll see photos! :)))

Goodnight now. Camie is resting after her big day. Love, Gloria/Granny Gee

She's Lived Her Hell On Earth...

She's Lived Her Hell On Earth...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee
 Precious Camo/Camie... Day 13 Update on her Progress.....

This morning Camie was taken to the animal hospital to stay most of today.  She is being treated for being very sick... she has been put on antibiotics, and the doctor will tell us this evening all he had to do.

We thought she'd be spayed, have her surgery this morning.  She isn't well enough for that.  That will happen in two weeks.  For now... we have to get her little body strong enough, well enough for it.

Can you see in the photos above that she's wondering what's happen?  :)))  I took the cozy blanket off the top of her house; and put the door on the house to keep her inside for the ride to the animal hospital... and when she comes home.

I'll take that door off her house when she gets home.... I would never cage her up in it... she has her own 'hospital area' I made for her. 

She can come in, out of her cozy house to get food, water... and I open it 'big' for her to go outside when she wants to go.  I open the back door, and stretch the fence to the door.  She has a safe fenced-in yard to go out in.

I wanted to thank 'Camie's Angel' who helped us to take care of Camie's visit today.  It means the world to us.  She doesn't want to be known... I respect that very much.  I'm so grateful from my Heart.  I have to acknowledge such kindness, generosity.  Thank-you.

Thank-you all for your special prayers, special thoughts for her.  She needs all of them; I'm so grateful.  Thank-you.

Well.......... soon, it'll be time to go get her, bring her home!  She'll go back in two weeks to get her surgery to be spayed.

I wanted to update you all... Camie has many friends who are following her progress at:

Come follow, watch her progress... I rescued her from certain death... she was laying on the cold, wet ground dying... no one cared at all.  I will update later.  :)))  It's time to get her in a few minutes!!!

Oh, she's one of Our Pups now... she's loved, fed well, cared for by her new family.  No more suffering for her... she's lived her 'hell on earth'.

Monday, July 15, 2013

There Sure Are A Lot Of People Heads All Over The Place!

There Sure Are A Lot Of People Heads All Over The Place!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee..... A lot of .... heads.........................................

I have thought of a lot of crazy thoughts today.  As we mingled in with the heavy traffic, I began to 'people watch'....

I love to people watch, there's no telling what I'll see.  We sat at a stoplight that took forever to change.  I began to notice the traffic flowing when the light turned green... they crossed over in front of us, turning to our left to go on to... wherever.

The idea came to my mind, made me chuckle.  I was thinking there sure are 'a lot of heads' in this world.  A lot of people heads!  I don't know 'why' I began to think about all the 'heads' I saw!

Then... I began noticing how people held themselves in their cars, pickups.  My mind decided that cars, trucks were like a picture frame... they actually became picture frames around each person who was driving it.

I watched how people posed in their windows, trying to be pretty.  Trying to look sexy, beautiful.  Some people just slouched..

I grinned as I watched people doing all kinds of things.  Gosh, this sure is entertaining, I thought.  No one noticed me seeing them doing the things they did to 'appear beautiful' in their windows.  What part was appearing in the windows to be beautiful?  Heads of course!

I Wanted To Say... New Followers

I Wanted To Say...    New Followers
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee............................................

I've been noticing I have new followers on my Blog.  I've been going through so much here at home.... that I haven't taken time to tell you how honored I am to have you here.  It means the world to see people who want to read; interested in what I have to say, to write about.  :)))

I do have a lot to say... and it's never about the same thing for long. 
I'm so happy you are here.... all of my regular followers, readers... along with my new ones.  You are important to me... and mean the world to me.

If I didn't tell you... you would never know.  I've smiled each time I noticed someone new... and thought as soon as I could... I'd let you know.  Thank-you.  Anytime you'd like to talk to me... feel free to comment, or do like a lot of people do... email me at my personal email address:

At present, Skip, my husband (my hero, my best friend in this whole world, my soul mate), has been very sick.  His diabetes has gotten out of control... and blood pressure has been very high. 

I'm happy to say he has extra medicine this week to help him.  I was so worried about him.  Skip and our Pups, Kissy Fairchild and Chadwick Elsworth are my whole world. 

My son, Tommy, was an important part of my world.  I write to remember Tommy, to remember my precious son.  I wrote a book to remember him... one can find it on the name of it is:  I CRY FOR TOMMY.

I am writing my third book... the second of a series I want to write.  My main character is Victoria Fairchild... in When She's Good... She's Good.  She doesn't like people who abuse homeless people, elderly people, children, animals.  She believes in 'an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth'... literally.  When she's bad... she's very, very bad.

Book one is an introductory to Victoria Fairchild... it's a short book with 62 pages.  Book two that's being written now... will be longer.  Also.... scarier.  I'm trying to write 'the scary book' I've always tried to find.  :)))

I rescued a little, precious puppy named Camie (Precious Camo on her Facebook page.  She was left to die, and I saved her.  You can read about her on Facebook....

All the positive thoughts, best wishes, prayers are very much appreciated.  They make all the difference in helping her get well.  I thank-you all who have been doing that.  I believe in miracles.

When I rescued little Camie, I sprained/pulled a muscle trying to carry her weight... I had to carry her quite a ways... but, I meant to save her while I had the 'window of opportunity'.  The people who let her get in this condition... gave her to me.  I got her before anyone could change their mind.  I can't hate them because they did let me have her.  I do feel anger at what they did...  The main thing now... is that everything is going to be alright.

Camie will be going in for her surgery on Tuesday morning.  She will be spayed, have all her shots, pain medicine, antibiotics.  I am her new Mommy, and her very own personal nurse.  I will make her get well. 

This is some of what my Blog is about.  Real life, Tommy... my son who died.  My real thoughts... sometimes, unusual.  Poems that I write on the spur of the moment... maybe they aren't real poems, but... more like my thoughts made into poems.  :))) Who knows with me? 

I don't pretend to be other than who I am... so, you won't see any 'airs' here.  Accept me for who I am... just an everyday person... I'm no more... no less.  I'm a good person, very caring, loving.  Being this doesn't mean I'm... weak.  I'm a very strong person... made that way by all that has happened in my life.  There are things I'll write about, things I won't.  One day, I hope to find someone to write my book... about me.  But... not right now... it's not time.

Thank-you once again for coming to my Blog, visiting... joining.  It means the world to me.  Just know that I am a real person, I write from my heart.  I always heard that one should write what they know best... I do.  My life...................................................................

Sunday, July 14, 2013

While You Let A Puppy Lie On The Ground To Die Alone...

While You Let A Little Puppy Lie On The Ground To Die Alone...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

A little puppy lay at death's door... no one cared
Children played near by, laughing... screaming
As the butterflies flew around the flowers near its head

She lay there thinking of the woman she went to visit
When she could run, play, bark
She could sense the woman was crying for her

Crying for her, thinking she was laying dead somewhere
Puppies can sense things... this puppy sensed she was needed
It sensed this woman was grieving for her...

She had to summon the strength to push her little body up
To go to the woman, let her know she wasn't dead
She walked the distance to get to the woman's house

The woman's Pups came out barking, she came behind them
Saw this little puppy she loved so much... her mouth fell open
Camie, she cried... oh, Camie... you aren't dead

The little puppy kept going back to the only place it knew to lay down
Back to where it laid once again on the cold, wet ground
Thinking if the woman didn't find her... she'd just die

No one else wanted her, they let her go without food, water
So, she'd die... one person wanted her, the other wanted her gone
When fleas bit her, made her body sore... they didn't like her anymore

Now... as the little puppy lay here on the ground, it was too late
Her body had lost its hair, skin red from the sun, she was ugly
No one could want her now... she heard voices coming her way

The children who played nearby were showing the woman the way
To where she lay... the little puppy saw tears in the woman's eyes
 Wondered if the tears were for her... could it be?

The woman said she was going to carry this puppy home with her
When she reached down to get her ... her hands touched blood
And clear liquid... several maggots fell off

The woman asked the children if they had a towel, cloth
They couldn't find anything to wrap around the little puppy
The woman said she'd carry her, get her to her house

She meant to carry the little puppy home while she had a chance
The woman wasn't walking away without her, wasting another minute
She reached down, picked the little puppy up in her arms

The woman knew she was causing the puppy pain, it made her cry
She apologized, said she'd make it better
Please, God... help me carry this puppy home

Her weight is so heavy, please help me not to drop her
On the cold, wet ground... I pray I can get her home to care
For her, love her... nurse her back to health

Shame on those people who did such a thing to a baby puppy
Left her to die alone on the cold, wet ground
With butterflies flying over her... flowers growing near her head

Shame on people who neglect their pets, abuse them
The woman prayed they would know in their life how it felt
To have their hair gone, their skin in open sores

To feel how it feels to be abandoned, left to die alone
She knew this was a horrible thought... but, if one doesn't
Know how it feels... they'll keep right on

Abusing other little puppies, any children they might have
Shame on you, people... shame on you
Why didn't you let this woman know you didn't want this puppy

When you knew she was attached to it, loved it
Shame on you for keeping the puppy where it would die
After the woman spent money on medicine for it, put it on

Letting the puppy get in worse condition
Did you keep it penned up somewhere to let it weaken
Because that puppy didn't get in that condition overnight

Not overnight when she'd was getting better
The woman's heart cries because there was a period of three days
This puppy must have suffered horribly

Three days... when she could have had her
Those people knew she loved the little puppy
They knew she was trying to make her well, they gave her permission

Did they have an argument... the one who didn't want the puppy
Winning, saying 'get rid of it'
Is that what happened... Shame on you for not coming to the woman

Shame on you... this is the thought that constantly goes through
The woman's mind ... though she smiles at you politely
As you ask her if she'd carry you to town to get cigarettes

As you impose on her privacy, generosity
Shame on you for thinking the world is only about you
While you let a little puppy lie on the ground to die, all alone

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Both Walked In Harmony; Both Walked In Pain

Both Walked In Harmony; Both Walked In Pain...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

The photo above is of Skip and 'his Big Boy', named Kissy.  I put this photo here for some very special people to see... you know who you are... just recently we 'met'... Welcome to my world ... my precious Husband, Skip, and one of our Precious Pups.  Looking at this photo... my Heart, my lips smile... tears come to my eyes... the Love in my Heart could never be put into words......... for my world.


The man looked sick.  His face was red, flushed... he looked as if he had a fever.  He seemed to have a problem with his balance; one of knees appeared to be swollen.  This was a good place to come if one was sick.  You could tell he didn't feel well at all.

By his side, a woman walked... her right hand holding her right side.  One could tell she hurt... she was in pain.  Husband and wife... both walked in harmony; both walked in pain. Each reflected the other... each mirror full of pain.

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.... the 'old woman'........... (only for right now!  :)))))))))))

Listening to both of them, one got the impression that they were embarrassed to have so much wrong with them... all at the same time.  So much so, they were laughing at themselves... joking about this is how it would be when they got 'old'.

This was one time neither could go out in public... not able to hide the pain from anyone who happened to look.  They hoped no one was looking.  They were very private people... they had no one else but, each other.

They only shared something so personal with each other... so, when they had to leave the house like this... they did feel embarrassed; ashamed that they brought their pain 'out into the world'.

The day before, they went to a small Chinese restaurant to eat lunch.  The wife got out of the truck to walk in with her husband.  When she did, she felt the most excruciating pain in her right side.

She stood there, tears rolled down her cheeks from such pain.  She told her husband she had made a mistake, shouldn't have come... she hurt too bad to walk.  She... 'she' hurt too bad to walk!

She didn't want anyone to see her... 'walk old'.  Her husband told her to get back into the truck... he would drive her to the door.  She thought to herself... temporary, this is temporary... I'm not so old I can't walk.

He drove her to the door, she got out, went inside to wait... there was a family sitting at a booth close by.  They stared at her as they watched her try to hide her pain... She felt embarrassed, she couldn't stand up straight.  She felt humiliated.  She'd never felt like this before... she couldn't stand up straight.

Of course, she glanced at the family sitting there... she felt she owed them an explanation as to 'why' she walked that way.  The man and woman looked blankly at her... she smiled, said 'I have a pulled muscle'.

Neither acknowledged her... sat there chewing their food.  She thought to herself, 'I would have cared so much... I would have spoken a few words to be nice'.

Her husband parked the truck, walked through the parking lot, came inside.  He walked with a limp now; his right knee was 'killing'him.

They laughed at themselves.  The woman told her husband that it was funny... here, she was moaning, groaning, her right side hurt where she'd pulled a muscle... there he was, very sick... now, his knee was hurting.

She said it was funny because this is how they'd look when one day they became 'old'.  They were walking like 'old' people..... they both walked in harmony... they both walked in pain.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Scars Are Tattoos, Too... Both Tell Stories If You Can Read Them

Scars Are Tattoos, Too... Both Tell Stories If You Can Read Them
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee... Happy Colors... Just think about it... doing all scars in happy colors!  Scars are permanent 'tattoos'..... 

A long line travels along my left shoulder on my back in a backwards 'C'.  Not only does my left shoulder have a backwards 'C', there's a backwards 'C' on my right shoulder... on my back.

I look on my neck... I see two separate little 'round' scars.  Below them are two more much bigger scars... both of them on the right side of my chest.

On my sides, I have scars... two.  All of these scars go together... from two major surgeries... both done one year apart.  The same type of surgeries... thoracotomy.  I had a mass resting on the outside of my left lung, heart the first time.  The second time, inside my right lung....

Oh, my God... the pain I've had in my body since; I will have it the rest of my life... severed nerves, a rib removed on each side.  A little portion of my right lung removed.  

I think today, thoracotomies are done differently... maybe not cause all the pain I suffered recovering for months... the pain lasting until the day I die.  Since then... I've known pain everyday... minute.  I have 'bad' days when it's worse than others... so be it... I'm living. I want to live... I love life. 

I have learned to welcome this pain, no matter how bad it can be.  It's the 'extra' pain from injuries... and such... that can get me.  It's like pouring more water into a glass that is already full... too much.  

The scars I mentioned... are from surgeries, chemotherapy to save my life.  I had non-Hodgkins lymphoma... I'm in remission now.  

The point is ... I've been thinking about tattoos lately. I told you these things to lead up to my thoughts... today. 

All my followers know that I want only one little tattoo... a small dragonfly in memory of Tommy.  In memory... of the time my son lived, was a real person.  When someone sees, reads... they can see another 'story' about me.  They will see it... Tommy won't be forgotten.  I wrote 'I Cry For Tommy'... so, he wouldn't be forgotten.  

This led me to think about permanent tattoos... it came to me... I already have 'permanent tattoos'... they are there to tell a story.  A story about events in my life.  If one knows how to read them... they can go scar to scar, tell exactly what happened at this time in my life... that time.

The only difference ... these scars aren't in 'picture form'.  You see the scars... they are lines in shapes, but... not in a picture to tell you what you are looking at.  They don't have happy colors on them to make you feel good looking at them.  My scars would make you think things such as .... oh my God, you hurt... you suffered greatly.

I was thinking that if I had colors put on these scars... make them beautiful... one would see them differently.  One wouldn't 'see' the pain beneath each... wouldn't cringe thinking I went through something so terrible.  

I have more scars... there's one on my knee where I ran as a little girl, chasing my brother through the house.  I was constantly re-injuring my knee in the same place... no matter how I tried... my knee would hit the toolbox in the hall.

On the back of my right leg is a long scar shaped sort of like a 'L'.  My cousin pushed me in a wagon... backwards into a ditch.  In the ditch was a broken gallon jar with jagged edges... it cut me as I was thrown out of the wagon.  

Strange enough, all these years later... I learned from another cousin that she was the one who told him to push me into the ditch.... we were very young.  I think I was maybe ... six years old.

I remember being at the hospital... a big cast put on my leg.  My step-father carried me when we went places.  I remember having to rest in a room with the shades pulled... it was a nasty injury.

I have more scars from other surgeries... there's one on my left shoulder... a line scar several inches long.  I had a torn rotator cuff, had it repaired.  I think today... one can have it done leaving little evidence of a bigger surgery.  

I was thinking... suppose I had each scar done in happy colors... suppose I had a picture done on each to show what happened.  Like maybe a broken gallon glass jar with jagged edges done with the 'L' shaped scar to tell that story.

I could have pictures done on each scar to show what happened.  The only people who can 'read' these scars are people who work in the medical field.  If I had pictures tattooed with each one... then, the average person could 'read' them.

Skip has a long scar on the back of his leg.  Not long ago, a man told him he'd had the 'same operation'.  Skip asked him what operation.  

The man told him; the operation where they took a vein from the back of his leg.  Skip told him... that a little dog had scratched the back of his leg, jumping up on him.  'See' how we 'read scars'?

When Skip was in the tractor-trailer wreck in Moriarty, New Mexico... he had injuries that left scars.  Our Pup back then, scratched his knee in such a way, it looked like one of his injuries.  People assumed it was also, from the truck wreck.  They 'mis-read' his scar just as the man did, reading the scar on the back of his leg.

He could have a tattoo of a big truck on one of his scars; tattoo of a puppy (the puppy was Camie/Camo when she used to visit here;  now, she is living here... she is part of our family, now).... on the back of his leg.

I was thinking 'just suppose' I had a tattoo done on each 'C' scar on my shoulders... like beautiful lacey curtains 'pulled back' in the 'C' on each side.... then, a beautiful picture to show my heart... a big, loving heart.  

In that heart, the names of all the people I loved with it.....  Color the lacey curtains soft lavender... color the heart a soft pink (not bright red)... each name in a soft color 'floating' around in the heart.  Maybe do a hint of window panes .... because we'd be looking through them... have beautiful flowers, and roses ... all with various shades of green... swaying softly in the breeze.....

I'll stop now.  I'm getting silly... I'm sleep-deprived at the moment; this is my only excuse.  :)))

But, think about it... suppose I just had this scar done just as it is, in a beautiful color... that scar in another beautiful color.  Have every scar done in more different colors... no pictures.  It would be like 'confetti' floating around! 

 Suppose, each scar was a 'string'... and a picture of a balloon was on each... each balloon in a pretty color.  Have you ever thought of such things?  

Scars are tattoos, too.  Both tell stories if you can read them.