Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Healing Breeze Blows For Camo...

A Healing Breeze Blows For Camo...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

The morning sun was shining as I stood outside
To see what the Pups were barking at
I thought they barked as if little Camo was here
Sadness filled my heart, I knew she had died

I looked to my left, my eyes stopped, blinked
What I saw sent a shock through me, could it be
I wasn't sure I was seeing what I saw
I've seen strange, amazing things in my time

Camo!  She stopped, turned around to look at me
I saw her little tail high in the air
Her skin looked so bad, she'd lost more hair
My heart hurt at the sight of her

Did she come back from the grave?
Our Pups stood staring just as I did
No longer barking... was she really there?
I ran in the house with thoughts to get her a treat

I came back outside, through the gate
There she stood as I fed her little treats
I thought she was real... until I ran back into the house
Came back out with medicine for her... she was gone

Camo!  Camo!  Camo!  I called her name
It was as if she had never been there
Skip called on the cell phone, I told him what happened
I told him I must be seeing things... she was no longer there

He told me if I saw her... she was real
Where did she go... why didn't she come back to me
I knew she loved me... I loved her, too
A thought came to my mind... she is really alive

I called the people who had her, asked them if I could
Have Camo... could she be my puppy?
Later that day, my answer came
Yes, you can have her... my heart soared

I never meant to have a third Pup... but, it must be meant to be
Later I went to get her, brought her home
I doctored her, have her in a little fence on our porch
Put soft rugs inside a huge kennel cab

The wind is blowing ... in my mind it is a healing breeze
I know it helps her skin as the medicine works its magic
I'm going to get Camo well; take good care of  her
You can see by the photo that she has a ways to go

She seems to know she is safe, cared for, loved
Her little tail wags for me when I speak to her
I'm so thankful to have her, I cried many tears for her
For a little puppy named Camo, who in my mind had ... died

I stood outside thanking God for this precious little puppy
Yesterday I was grieving for her, crying many tears for her
I am thankful to have the chance to care for her
I hear the wind chimes as a healing breeze blows for ... Camo

NOTE:    Camo has become one of 'our Pups'... she will be
spoiled, fed good, loved.  Everything is going to be alright...
:)))  Soon, she'll be running again... inside the Pups' fence with
Kissy Fairchild, and Chadwick Elsworth!

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  1. I have no doubt that Camo will be taken very good care of!!!! She will heal and have a loving home now. You should have been a veternarian! All your pups are so very lucky to have you and Skip. Love, Ms. Nancy