Sunday, July 21, 2013

Information To Where To Donate To Camie's Medical Care...

Information To Where To Donate To Camie's (Precious Camo) Medical Care:

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

This photo was taken yesterday when I bathed Cami in the special medicinal 'shampoo' for her skin.  I had a towel on my shoulder, she laid her head on it and snuggled up to me.  I felt the most special love for this little precious puppy.  She has Demodectic Mange... it's really bad, not easily healed, cured.

Camie laid under her layers of warm towels after her medicinal bath... slept peacefully for almost an hour.  I was so thankful to see her do that.  She's been shaking as if she were shaking water off her... indicating her skin is itching, hurting.  She cries out in pain... the other Pups, Skip and I run to her... it hurts our Hearts to hear her in pain.  This photo is taken when I took the towels off her very gently...

This is Camie under her towels... finally sleeping because the bath has made her skin feel better.  I let her sleep as long as she wanted to.  I made her ...her own spa.  I call it 'Camie's Spa'... this is where I bathe her... on the porch where it's very warm from the sun.  She lives inside with us... where she is comfortable.

Little Camie snuggled under her layer of warm towels.  She feels relief finally on her skin. 
This is 'Camie's Spa'.... where she gets her bath with special shampoo in the large tub that has warm water in it.  She has to stand there for 15 minutes to let the 'shampoo' stay on her skin.  When I get her out, I layer warm towels around her body to comfort, warm, dry her.  I hold her close to me, gently pat her little body... tell her I love her so much.

Several people have asked me where they could donate to Camie's medical care.  Below is the website... and the Facebook Page of Camie's vet.  The information to call them is there.

You can tell them it's the puppy that Gloria Bates rescued, named Camie (Precious Camo).  Camie has Demodectic Mange. 

They will accept your donation over the phone, put it on Camie's account.

Thank-you from my Heart for caring about Camie.  She has a long, hard road ahead to get well.  Thank-you for caring.

Gloria/aka Granny Gee


Facebook Page:  

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  1. Camie looked so peacesful with the towels on her sleeping. She has a fantastic nurse! I know she will do well. Camie will do well too! Love, Ms. Nancy