Friday, August 23, 2013

As For The Bad News...

As For The Bad News...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

A young Granny Gee... Gloria Faye Brown Bates

From a distance a lone figure sat on a rock
The breeze teased her curly, blonde hair
Strands waved happily in the wind

As he got closer, he could see her smile
Eyes sparkling bright green
Happiness in colors were about her

Pink lips parted to show her teeth
An oyster opens up
To show its pearly whites

He stopped to hold the magic moment
For as long as he could
It's rare to see happiness from her... like this

She laughed aloud seeing his expression
It tinkled on the air... the sound of delicate glass
Soft-colored, pastel glass

He wished this moment could last forever
Alas, it can't... nothing lasts forever
There has to be good... and bad

I have news for you, good ...and bad
The good is... you've won the lottery
The bad is... half of it is.. mine

He became the one smiling
Smiling with pure happiness
Not only was she the winner... he was, too

I want to borrow your half, please...
He told her in low, sweet... persuasive voice
I will double our money, more for you... more for me

She stood there in shock as her eyes became clear
Instead of her lover standing there... a stranger stood
She didn't know this man any longer

He would take from her... her life's winnings
Knowing without that... her dreams were dead
No love there...anymore... he took it all from her

As he stood there, smiling a smile that once won her heart
She, also, had some news for him... both good and bad
You see, the ticket was only in my name

So, who is the winner 'now', she asked
You don't get half, nor get to double 'our' money
It's mine... and now, it's time for my dreams to come true

Her pink lips parted back into a smile
Revealing her pearly whites
Her eyes sparkled green, her laughter tinkled in the air

He thought her moment of happiness
Would last forever...
Because of his greed... he was the one who frowned

He knew he would have never 'doubled' their money
Once in his possession, it was his to keep
Flee, he would... to a far away place

He would have lived his dream
But, now... he got news both good... bad
He wasn't happy at all

The good news was... he was free to leave this very moment
While he could... if he didn't
He was going to find out the ... bad news he didn't want to know

He turned, ran like hell... back up the hill he came down
Forever he would be gone, he treasured his freedom
He'd tried to scam this girl

By trying to take all her money
The good news was... the money was all hers
The bad news was... there was none

She laughed all the way to the bank
Money in hand, skipping all the way
To make all her dreams come true... and then, some

He'd failed the test she put before him
She told him his name was on the ticket that won
In reality, it never was

If he'd passed the test as she hoped he would
He'd be smiling ear to ear now
Instead of... on the run

So, the good news is she won a lot of money
Swept the trash out of her life quickly
As for the bad news... there was... none

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  1. Oh I like this kind of test! Best way to find out if someone really loves you! Greed will tell on a person every time! Love, Ms. Nancy