Thursday, August 29, 2013

Have You Ever Thought About It?

Have You Ever Thought About It?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I've been reading about ... aspartame.  What I've read has alarmed me more... now, than ever.

Skip and I both, agreed to quit using artificial sweeteners.  I have a feeling we'll both see a marked improvement.  We both have some issues I feel are related to aspartame.

Tonight, I learned for the first time, there is a possible connection between aspartame and... non-Hodgkins lymphoma and luekemia!  I felt sick to my stomach when I read that...

In fact, I felt sick at a lot I read... that wasn't 'new' news to me.  It's strange how we can read, absorb knowledge through the years... yet, we don't act on it to 'save ourselves'.  To just help ... ourselves.

I do know that through the past several years I have drank more diet sodas than, I've ever drank in my life.  I've noticed some changes... Hopefully, in another week or so, there will be a huge difference.

I have a feeling after all the researching I've done all evening... there will be a positive difference.

Have you ever Googled 'aspartame'?  Just for the heck of it... Google it.  You wouldn't believe the 'symptoms' of aspartame poisoning.  I 'knew'... but, I didn't know... but, I really knew.  I guess it's time to pay attention...

This is what I've had on my mind tonight.  I am disturbed by what I've read... I think about how we 'still do things' to hurt ourselves, knowingly.

Everybody else does it... so, we aren't alone.  Misery loves company... If it hurts me, it hurts everyone else... have you ever thought about it?

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  1. I had heard about it some time ago. Then things settled down. I am as guilty as anyone is about using it and not thinking twice about it. I will read up on it! Thanks Gloria! Love, Ms. Nancy